Harmony on the playground

There is one will. That is the reality.

There is a perception of separate wills that you have allowed and invited, and you play on that playground every day. As long as you remember that you are playing on a playground and calling all experience to you, you don’t need to take this experience of separation very seriously. The wills are showing up as separate right now–obviously, because there’s a war over there.

It’s also obvious that the wills are showing up as separate because I got angry last night. 

Although you are having an experience of opposing wills, the fact remains that there is only one real and true will. You have noticed that when you allow alignment with this one will, life is easier, and you see reflections of this ease around you in daily life and out there in the world.

If you think of the idea of giving up free will, there is resistance there. You are always free. You can make the choice for pain and fear, but it doesn’t look like an attractive choice right now. The idea of giving up conflicted will and allowing the expression of the one will through you–that feels like ease.

You can trust your feelings. When you felt anger last night, you were consulting conflicted will as a guide. The anger magnified as you did so. The anger was very useful in allowing you to see. Thank the feelings for guiding you. Within this experience of separation-from-love that you have chosen, the feelings guide you back to the Love that you are, the Love that everyone else is.

If you label anger as wrong and attempt to suppress it, it’s as if you are saying that you do not want to find your way back to the Love that you are, and you would rather keep a false identity of pain, a false identity for everyone else, also made of pain. If you truly want to see yourself and all others in the beautiful light of clarity, allow your feelings to guide you.

When your feelings are alerting you to contraction, it’s yours. It’s always 100% yours. This alert gives you the opportunity to relax back into expansion and flow.

If you take full advantage of the guidance of your feelings, what will this mean for your behavior? Will you always show up as something others would label peaceful or spiritual? Look at the image-making. Notice it when it shows up.

Isn’t it interesting that you could show up as anything at all, doing anything at all, when you heed the guidance of your feelings? Releasing your inhibitions and allowing flow go hand in hand with appreciating your feelings. You never know exactly what you will do or say, but what you do or say will serve the situation and everyone in it. When you understand this about yourself, you will begin to experience the same from others.

In other words, serving harmony joyfully is a very kind virus. It always expands. It’s never limited to you alone. It depends upon the mind-to-mind connection that is always there.  You have to do it first, though.

You are always 100% responsible for your experience of harmony, and it never has anything to do with outside conditions. When you make staying in that harmonious space a priority, then outside conditions shift to reflect that. They were waiting for you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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