Inviting the light out to play

Whatever you are experiencing in this moment, you chose it. That can be a tough pill to swallow. Why is that? When there is something unpleasant, it seems to feel better to move it away from you, to see it over there, in the form of a cause that you label. From here, you can then engage in battle with the separate cause and triumph. It gives you a sense of personal power within this game.

Here’s the catch, though. Every time you choose do that–every time you project the cause of anything over there–you bypass the vast and limitless power that you truly are, that everyone else, without exception, truly is. Every time. You enter a field of play that pits one against another and gives you a battle to fight.

You are tired of the battle. You are tired of the fighting. Love has always been there for you, no matter what the surface circumstances of your life experience. Love is here for you right now, and it will always be here for you. Love is always present within everyone else. Love is always the true identity of everyone else, regardless of circumstance.

When you choose to engage in the battle of cause and effect, it is innocent. There is no fault in it. There is no punishment in your acknowledging that you have had the power all along and you ignored it, again and again. You didn’t know you had the power. You didn’t know you are the power. Now you are coming to know. You are coming to allow that into your experience.

In any situation in which there seems to be tension or discord, you are tuning in to the vibrating nest of judgments going back and forth from mind to mind. This spinning nest of judgments creates your physical reality. This sense of urgency and tension creates the disorder that is enacted in your physical world. If you try to master it on the level of the physical world by pushing it down in one place, it will most certainly pop up in another. Judgment and blame and disorder beget judgment and blame and disorder. You can feel this. What feels tense? What feels relaxed?

Engaging angrily with the world is fearful. Hiding from the world is also fearful. It’s all on the level of the game you chose. The game you chose was to try to manufacture these separate wills in conflict with one another, to see if you could forget the harmonious being you have always been, standing behind the body you have projected into this game, the body with which you have identified.

The bodies have been engaged in conflicts or struggles of one sort or another, always within and gathering separate strength from pushing against parts of the vibrating nest of judgments pinging back and forth.

This illusory veil of struggle and judgment you have chosen and created is very, very thin. The power of who you truly are, next to that, is undeniably vast. The power of who everyone else is, next to the dreamworld that seems so real, is always equally vast, without exception. There is no one who is not a towering being of light.

So you appear to be here now. You’re in this game. You’re not here to withdraw from it. You’re here to engage with it fearlessly with all that you are, to walk through it in full knowledge that you are the light and the love, and so is everyone else. When you do this, you invite the light out to play. When people bask in the light, they are happy. They relax. They allow the truth of who they are to return to them. They forget all about conflict for a while.

In any situation in which your awareness of tension arises, it is never because it is someone else’s fault. Every time, you called this experience to you. Every time, your opportunity is to remember what you want. What you want is to see. “Above all else, I want to see,” is what A Course in Miracles tells you. Bring this fundamental desire into any situation in which it feels as though your desire or happiness is blocked by something outside you.

Above all else, I want to see.

If it’s true that you’re a towering being of love and light, and so is the other guy, wouldn’t you want to see that?  When you pierce this nest of ping-ponging judgments, you do it by withholding your judgment. It is always in your power. No one can take that power away from you, no matter what the situation. When you pierce the nest of judgments that create physical experience, you invite the light out to play in your experience.

We invite you: Find the light. Feel the light. Remember the light. Share the light.

Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Inviting the light out to play

  1. I have been reading this again and again… trying to learn and interiorise the deepest meaning of it… yes… it’s like being slapped in the face, but it’s so true…

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  2. “When you pierce the nest of judgments that create physical experience, you invite the light out to play in your experience.”

    This is beautiful. ❤

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