Seeing what has always been there

Everything in form fits together like puzzle pieces. There is nothing that shouldn’t be there. Some things appear very distorted on the surface, so yes, you want to stop terrorizing yourself and others. You want to see clearly, and you want to project that clarity out into form. You do this by accessing true vision to clear up the distortion. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see clearly. When you’re seeing clearly, you’re projecting love and light into consciousness, into your shared Earth experience.

There is something very confused, however, about gardening on the surface. Imagine that you thought growing a garden meant that you had to manufacture and make everything above the surface like a set designer. You don’t plant any seeds (because they’re not visible, so why bother?), so you spend endless hours crafting intricate, beautiful models that show the emergence and growth of blossoms and vegetables.

Over time, you get very, very good at your craft, but you don’t ever allow a true garden to grow. Humans are a lot like this. They simply don’t know yet, at this point on the timeline, that love is the foundation of everything and will spring forth where invited. Love is not something you ever have to force yourself to enact. It’s something that springs up through you–not in response to something that satisfies your ego, but simply because it is you. It’s the truest expression of who you are. It’s the truest expression of who everyone is. You can access this at any time.

Unconditional love is not something you offer because you’re the good guy. That’s an ancient and distorted view. Time to take everything ancient and release it. You offer unconditional love because you remembered what you forgot. You are love, and so is the other guy. Even though the surface is very distorted, you know that awareness of that love will clear your vision and bring clarity to form.

We want to offer you an updated perspective on the hand-to-hand visualization we gave you before. Whenever someone is with you in form or with you in thought–someone you know, someone you don’t know, someone famous or not, a historical figure, anyone at all–here is a game you can play to get and keep your perception clear. When you get very, very good at this, it feels like an opportunity and a gift. You can make this process as long and as intricate as you want or as short and simple as you want. Be flexible and open. Experiment with variations.

Imagine your left hand touching their right hand. This symbolizes giving from your heart to theirs–from your true identity to theirs.

In truth, this giving and receiving has always been happening, but your going through this exercise activates your awareness of it here within this Earth experience. You’re bringing the truth online. You’re allowing yourself to project Truth into your shared experience here. You’re allowing yourself to receive heightened awareness of the Peace that has been present, always. When you see it, then it appears in form.

See light glowing in your heart, then traveling down your arm to that ball of light between your palms, through it, and to their already-and-always-glowing heart. The light is in both of you, and always has been.

Now receive. Place your right palm up to their left palm. If you ever get a sense of coercion, like you shouldn’t be performing this on another person without their permission, remember that you are only activating your own awareness of the connection that has always existed between you. Any effect the other person could experience from your heightened awareness of the love and the light that they are is only beneficial. Their true self, the being of light they always are behind the mask of personality, is always ready and willing to connect with the being of light you truly are.

See the light traveling from the other person’s heart, down the left arm, into the ball of light between your palms, through your right arm, and meeting the ball of light at your heart-center. See this circle of light, the giving and receiving. You are sharing the way in which the extension of love comes to you very easily, and the other person is doing the same. Every person, without exception, has this gift to share in limitless abundance. Your abundance connects to the other person’s abundance. You sit in abundance together.

This is what healing is. It’s always a giving and a receiving. Maybe the other person’s gift is in the ability to bring laughter to any situation. Maybe your gift is the ability to accept and manifest physical abundance. The gifts are always different. When you are willing to sit in pure sharing with another, there is always a gift exchange. We encourage you to be divinely Selfish and generous as you distribute and gather gifts freely.

Their gift is nothing you have to earn or learn. It’s just acceptance, just sharing. Your gift is nothing they have to strive for or attain. It’s a simple exchange. Bring that giving and receiving into equal balance so that light can arise in both of you and be expressed here on Earth.

You can be bedridden, perform this healing on anyone you can think of, and receive healing for yourself. It’s that simple and that accessible. You heal by healing. You are the healer and you are the one who heals, always.

So now you have this circle of light between you and your partner. Now touch forehead to forehead. See the light between your foreheads. Now see and feel the light extending
from your heart centers, up to the ball of light between your foreheads, up through the tops of your heads.

This symbolizes your fundamental Oneness and your constant and unending connection to all the resources, all the ideas, all the inspiration that each one of you can use in the Earth experience you are collectively projecting. Everything that you need is present, in abundance. Everything that each of you needs comes to you through this free-flowing energy that delivers the opportunities, experiences, ideas and inspiration you can allow through you moment-by-moment.

In allowing the light to flow out of the tops of your heads, you are accessing all needed resources here on Earth. Now, in allowing the light to rise higher and expand, both of your bodies are floating. You lift your heads and tip them back, looking up at all the light particles streaming from you, all the light particles coming from every direction to meet your light. This signifies your connection to every resource across time and space that you need in your moment-to-moment Earth life. See yourself sharing and accepting light in this way, across space and time. You and your partner are always giving and receiving.

Now allow light to flow down each of your bodies, from the heart center, down the torso. Light has flooded all the internal organs, down through the entire torso. Your feet are back on earth. You are open to and receiving all resources across time and space, and your perceptions are now open to accommodate this broader view. Your feet are back down on earth because you are both here to share healing. You both have something very important to give, and everything to receive.

Now the light is traveling down your partner’s left leg, down your left leg. This light extends out of each left foot and down to an Earth that is glowing from within. Your light penetrates to the light at the core of the Earth. You are still joined, hand to hand. You are free to look about now. You see your partner as relaxed and happy. As the light from your left legs reaches the light at the core of the Earth, you are coming into effortless alignment with your harmony with Earth and within your Earth experience.

The harmony with Earth is a precondition. You are only remembering it. You are only remembering that you are here to bring healing and balance to the Earth experience. Now the light is traveling from within the glowing core of Earth, out into your right foot, your partner’s right foot. The light travels up your legs. You have received light from the Earth. You have recognized your Union and your innocence.

Your entire bodies are filled with light now. Light is streaming up from the tops of your heads, out to All That Is, and down to the bottoms of your feet, in union with Earth and your Earth experience. You are here to accept healing that you might share it. Allow bands of color to radiate through you and your partner, back and forth through you–down from All That Is, into the Earth, down into the core, where you see a bright, white light. Then the bands of colored light radiate back out again, back up and out to All That Is.

You can let your hands drop now, as you enjoy the bands of colored light. Play with the colors. Are you drawn to just one? Let the colors come as you feel them, back and forth, down the the core of the earth , back up again, through feet, legs, torsos, down the arms, out through the fingertips, up through the neck, out the top of the head, up and out into great expansion, and then returning. Let them go back and forth until you are done. You are standing still, breathing, in peace.

Then thank your partner, release your partner, and come back to yourself. Three breaths.

In, accepting what is entering this space you have allowed to clear.
Out, knowing that you will feel guided to express the Love that you are in the world.
In, accepting the abundance that is always there for you and everyone else.
Out, with effortless sharing.
In, relaxing back into your day.
Out, stepping into the rest of your day.

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

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