Burrow into the layers

First you feel the tension–in association with thoughts that popped into your head. You know now that this tension is not caused by the people and situations around you. It’s a habitual reaction to events and people in your present. It’s fear, contraction. You understand now that this reaction in your present determines your tomorrows, in a personal sense and in a worldwide sense.

There is every reason to release. You release into happiness–yours and that of others. It’s always shared. This bursting into success that follows the release of fear is never your success at the expense of another’s–it’s always letting more light and ease into your collective experience. This healing applies across time and space.

Knowing this, whenever tension arises, it’s the false self revealing itself. It will always have some story to lure you into a higher degree of stress and general combativeness (against others or against the flow of Life) than you are currently feeling, and now you know to decline the invitation. The false self is very weak. Fear is very weak. Its invitations are always optional.

When you learn to slowly and deliberately watch these invitations as they arise, you also learn to merely look at them in innocent curiosity until they subside. You know what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. You know when action feels like flow and when it feels like contraction. You know now. You know who you are. You know who everyone else is. You are Love. You are that flow, that joy, that ease. When the light you are looks at what arises in innocent awareness, fear’s invitation disappears.

Now, in your interactions with your brothers and sisters, whenever you feel tension or a feeling of density arising, this is a wonderful moment. What apparently separates you–this tension, this you-vs.-me-ness, can be seen through. It is transparent, like glass. It is never real. It’s only a perception.

When you feel into this tension and relax into it, when you look around within it with innocent curiosity, the tension subsides. Go ahead. Burrow into that tension, unafraid. Burrow into anything that would separate a me from a you. Just be there, as the light you are, and see what happens next.

This is something energetic that happens prior to speech and action. Eventually, it happens effortlessly at the same time as speech and action. Go where your interest leads you, unapologetically, no matter who or what you move away from in the process. Burrow into that apparent tension, wherever it arises. Look around in innocent curiosity. See what happens next.

Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

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