The Event

This is just the Julie-voice today. If you’re new to the blog, what I mean by this is that I’m just speaking from the ordinary human perspective, not taking dictation from my imaginary friends (who tell me we are delightfully, flexibly imaginary, too) and sharing the lesson I am receiving with my readers. I do feel that they may pop in at times, so today they will be the italics. Usually it’s the reverse, and…

…that’s a wonderful reversal, isn’t it? This sort of reversal is what The Event is all about.

If you haven’t heard of the Event, just find a couple of brief YouTube videos about it. Basically, it’s the idea that a huge wave of light, love and enlightenment will be sweeping the planet and completely changing our mutual trajectory in the direction of Love, which is a silly way for me to put it, because Love is all directions and ever-present. It’s about the awareness of that returning to us in mass numbers, and then that awareness being shared with everyone else and becoming our lived, daily experience.

The predictions about the Event say anything from that it’s happening right now to it could take years to come. I know I’m not here to make predictions, but I do think I’m here to share some personal experience and also just to encourage us all to celebrate what is happening among us right now.

Every single event, every day, is always an opportunity for release and acceptance. It’s an opportunity for release of what we don’t need and acceptance of the wonderful inspiration and ability that always awaits us. What we’re calling The Event is the shared sense that a massive release and a massive acceptance is coming our way in a collective sense.

What I’m told, over and over again, about The Event…

…is that we’re creating it together right now. What you are is much bigger than what you conceive yourselves to be right now, and you will eventually understand how you were part of this all along. We say this because there is no need to fear that which you are creating to bring deeper remembrance of yourself to you. You’re safe, and always held in Love.

So now it’s time for the personal. The first time I heard about The Event as it’s being discussed lately was just a couple of weeks ago, and it floored me. I knew that we’re all going to wake up to who we are, but I didn’t quite expect it to take this form (again–funny, because we’re all involved in the co-creation process).

The reason my jaw dropped is that what was being described was an awakening experience I already had, and it happened–surprise, surprise–in March. March 3, 2010. The day after is when my dear imaginary friends (who are as real as I am) started talking to me. Okay, they say it’s the day I started to listen.

From this perspective, I can give some very reassuring information about what this type of experience is like, although I’ll tell you right now that you may pee your pants. I did! I include this detail because it always makes me laugh, and it always takes the elevation and solemnity right out of the experience. Imagine you’ve just had a life-changing and transformative experience…and then you have to clean the rug because you went pee pee on it. Humbling and ordinary.

On a more serious note, the release of the bladder was kind of a physical death for me–for the me I once knew. It was symbolic of surrender and the die-before-you-die part. It only meant that I released what I didn’t need and I allowed what I did need to come in.

Okay, if I have you convinced that The Event means you’re going to wet yourself, I’ve got to do better than that. I definitely can. I’ll back up a bit…

A few days before it happened, I had the persistent sense that something was coming. I kept looking out the window at the field behind our house, and I kept seeing a kind of comical image of a 1950s-type spaceman striding across the field toward me.

That sense of something coming reminds me of what people are feeling now, only because it’s shared, the feeling of it can get distorted. There’s an over-excitement that builds and kind of toggles over into anxiety.  Or people might get caught up in analyzing the this and that of it. It’s going to happen or it isn’t. That person is telling the truth or she isn’t. I’m good enough or ready enough to receive this or I’m not. This is going to end well or it isn’t.

Always the opposites, the back and forth. Those same things are coming up for me. So I’m told the usual about this:

Yet another opportunity for clearing and release. Simply letting go of what you are not by remembering your willingness to release what you don’t need. Then acceptance of exactly what you do need and what is always provided for you in every moment–the inspiration, ideas, and impulses that carry you through every experience.

And then there are the what-ifs that you can hear bouncing around in our shared mind.

We advise a simple redirection with the what-ifs. Assume that you’re in on this Event in ways you simply don’t understand yet, and assume that you’re building into it everything that could possibly be needed. 

So back to March 3, 2010. When it happened, I was in the living room with my two kids, ages 1 and 4 at the time. My husband was in the next room and never knew anything had happened. I suddenly felt very tired and physically weak, but not in an alarming way. I was not overexcited or scared. It was a very calm experience.

I just thought in a way that seemed very logical to me, “I’ll just lie down on the floor here.” When I did that, energy just took over my body, buzzing all over. It felt like I went into a swoon. I didn’t lose consciousness, but I didn’t move, either. I didn’t think to move. I was very receptive.

My children weren’t affected like I was, and they weren’t alarmed. It seemed to me that they kind of knew what they were doing, almost like doctors, and this part has always confused me a bit. It’s left me with the idea that kids have the flexibility to simply flow with whatever wave comes in. We definitely don’t need to be worried about them. They were saying, “Mama,” but not in a worried way. They touched my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my teeth, but not in a painful way. There was pressure there, but not pain. I remember being surprised by that. I felt my bladder release, still the buzzing all over. After a while of this energy surge, my daughter pulled up my shirt to nurse, and I started to come out of it. I noticed I was in the crucifix position, and that symbolism had meaning for me later, once I had gone deeper into the idea of our Oneness and began to understand Christ consciousness.

For months after, I was in a cosmic consciousness sort of state that eventually faded and felt “normal” again. The certainty that never left me is that we are all One, and we’re here to come back into remembrance of that together.

There was great joy, but also a purging of great fear. The fear that came up at times was immense. The years since then have been a stabilizing process of releasing the dysfunction of ego while accepting the flow and inspiration that is our natural state.

I’m certainly not the only one of us to have had an experience like this, and what I’m told is that what I remember is a pale reflection of what is possible for us to bring to ourselves collectively, regarding  a massive clearing and reset of consciousness.

I had a repeat of the same type of experience during the summer of 2016 and then since then little mini occurences of the roaring energy coming back and passing through me. There is a lot more I could say about the little details, but what I most want to say is that it’s okay. It’s perfectly safe. It’s what you’ve always wanted, and you’ve created it for yourself.  We’re all doing this together.

This morning, I had another similar experience, and it involved seeing the most beautiful colors and luminosity swirling through human bodies and all around them–a divine internal opening. For me, “The Event” has already started, or maybe it started eight years ago. What I want to say more than anything is that no one could possibly miss out, and no one is ahead of or behind another. I will probably say this a hundred times: We’re all doing this together, and you’re magnificent.

Wishing you all very well, and happy to answer questions if you have them. Also happy to hear about your experiences and your take on The Event!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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  1. I have seen the working colors in my minds eye and felt energy flow through me during reiki. I literally opened my eyes to see if the therapist had put on lights and the room was dark. When I closed my eyes again the bright colorful lights were still there.

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