We invite you to contemplate the energy of basking. See a cat in a puddle of sunshine, envision a relaxing and fragrant bath, or allow whatever represents that relaxed and open sense of enjoyment to come to your mind’s eye. Bask in basking for a moment or two.

In basking, there is an inherent sense of worthiness, a sense that whatever you are reveling in–it is not only enjoyed; you are also fully worthy of it and there is nothing to interfere with your enjoyment.

Fully worthy. What if this, the foundation of basking, could be your rooted foundation in every moment that you look out upon a world of your creation? What if you could see not only yourself as fully worthy, but everyone else, too? You would create many opportunities for basking together.

This is not just a fairy story. This is a description of your future–this ease, this allowing, this appreciation, this knowing of universal worthiness, this resting in the love you are.

The foundation of action is rest. That is why people get depressed. It’s functional. They go deep within, through and past a lot of human confusion and dysfunction, to land in that deep rest and then blossom into vibrant, scintillating, loving action.

Descending down, down, down. Landing. Discovering the foundation, which is always Love. Discovering the buoyant force which naturally leads you back up to the surface. Rejoining all that you knew before with great love.


We do not wish you to judge yourself for any moment in which you find you are not basking. Rather, we ask you to consider that all the other moments inevitably lead to this. You will discover your rootedness in love. You will become rooted in a worthiness that extends to all others. You will rejoin the flow of life in vibrant action and love.

You will bask because there is so much to appreciate, and you know how worthy everyone is, without exception. You do bask. Catch yourself doing it. And allow those moments to reach out and join one another.

Allow them to reach out to everyone in your world and to any story that arises that would stand between you and your awareness of yourself.

Every step on the journey, no matter how it seems, leaves a glowing footprint behind you as you move closer and closer to the abiding awareness of the love you and all others are. Bask in the glow you leave behind today. Bask in the glow of the footprints you are following.

Notice, whenever you can, how that glow is expanding, and appreciate your role in the expansion. Bask today, bask tomorrow, and bask the next day. Bask in you. You are that glow, and so is the other guy.

Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash

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