When you come together with others, it is always a sacred experience. People either reflect the joy you are back to you, or they show you where you are still holding onto something you could release. Either way, they are always helping you. As it turns out, this is a friendly universe. The power to see and experience more and more of your own power (always shared, always benevolent) is always in your hands.

It may seem as if thinking of your divine siblings as reflectors makes you responsible for what they do. You are only and always responsible for your experience of them.

If you are calm, clear, happy and at peace, even when someone is experiencing negativity and challenge, their experience of challenge is not a negative reflection on you. It’s simply an opportunity to share whatever comes to you to share in that moment.

You know when you are at peace. Nothing comes up to disturb your experience, regardless of what is happening. Similarly, you know when unrest is arising in your experience. It’s always something to release, and interactions with your divine siblings help you to see your next opportunity. Your opportunity is always theirs, too. You come together for each other, with each other.

As you come to accept the wholeness that is present everywhere, you will see it reflected back to you. It is always your choice, and your choice is always something you can remember when you have stepped outside of that experience of wholeness and support. Home is always here, always now, and it has all the resources you need. Allow it to blossom into your experience.

Photo by Paul Streltsov on Unsplash

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