Love at the micro-level

Love is everywhere, vibrating in everything, at all times.

Your world reflects back to you your awareness of this.

There is a temptation to judge the outer appearances of what surrounds you instead of resting in the Love you are. When you feel tempted to judge, we direct your attention to the microscale.

Look at the light reflecting off every surface, how gently it touches and illuminates. See the radiance. See the love and beauty in that. Now look at each face and see how it is caressed by the light. There is the beauty, past all fearful standards of what is beautiful and what is not.

When you’re looking at a situation that reflects the disturbance within, you can go to the microscale to find the love that is always here.  For example, let’s say you’re looking at an army tank, a scene of war. Within every molecule, there is innocent energy–moving, dancing, alive. Look at your temptation to judge what happens, to decide. Now go to the micro-level. Go to every scene of love, peace, hope and joy present in the memory and the hopes of the one driving the tank. Go to that level within every one the tank is approaching. Go to the beautiful life vibrating and dancing in all the cells of the bodies. Go to where Love is, past all appearances. Allow it to grow in your sight. There is always an opportunity to see and feel the love that is everywhere, and to consciously realize your connection to that. To feel that all is held in love.

What happens next? What happens next in the world when you realize that innocent energy is vibrating everywhere, despite all appearances? Can you feel the part you play as you invite love and light into visible form, through and past the surface of what you gaze upon now? All this is possible if you withhold judgment. Instead of settling into judgment and stasis, go to the micro-level and allow love to blossom through your awareness of it.

Look at what fear would have you do. Fear would have you judge and resist, thereby multiplying and increasing the apparent (always apparent, always only in appearance) power of fearful forms. This is what you do in your world. You choose to see and multiply the false, or you choose to recognize what has been true underneath the surface all along–Love, the unopposable.

Again, it is not possible to oppose or triumph over love, but according to the separate and conflicted will that you created as an experiential alternative to All That Is, it is possible to forget that Love is all there is. When you have chosen free will, it is possible to feel threatened. When you have chosen free will, it is possible to judge negatively.

Free will is only an illusion created for experience.

The only will that has ever existed, Divine Will, has been your true will along. Do you know what this means? It means that nothing has to change. The only change necessary is your willingness to see and experience and share a physical representation of truth. In other words, you learn to direct your inner version consistently to All That Is, and you allow the fearful illusion you chose in pursuit of separation to subside.

Allow the light to dawn on what has always been right here. Allow the light to shine on what you truly are, on what all others truly are. When the macro-illusion looms large in front of you, remember that you chose this experience of separation and fear, and go to the love on the micro-level. Notice how the light kisses each face lovingly. Think and feel how alive, loving energy is vibrating everywhere–throughout every object, in what looks like space between the objects.

Allow that light and love present at the micro-level to blossom out and effect happenings and transformations at the macro level. You are that powerful. You always have been. You are that power.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Love at the micro-level

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    Daddy said, perhaps too make Lardry cease singing.

    ?There aгe many methods to ᴡorship.


    1. I found this comment disturbing, so it must be doing me a service. Or it’s some random spam that I’m trying to make too much of. 😊


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