Encompassing suffering in the light

We like to give things to you straight, right away. All suffering is already encompassed in the light. Once you are able to see it that way, however, that’s when you drop the illusion to which you grasp for safety, stability, security and definition. Then more accurate representations of the Truth of love of are able to come into your sight and your experience.

So remember–encompassing suffering in the light is never a thing you do, because all illusion is always held within light and love. There is no pressure to do. Remove all pressure to do.

When you remove the pressure to do, there is ease. Ease is a more accurate representation of what you are. What you actually are holds no resistance. It fights nothing. You fight nothing, no matter what sights you bring to physical eyes. What you are extends ceaselessly in love.

Do you want to remember who you truly are, then? With more depth? With more clarity? Do you want to undo the choice to see and experience suffering? Then watch. Observe. We just told you to do something, but you don’t have to get caught up in the doing or the not doing of it. The suggestion will appear to lead to something or not. This is truly a divine play wrapping itself up, and you cannot go wrong.

We invite you to realize the extent to which you partner with the idea of suffering in making illusions. Notice how you expect to suffer. Notice how you expect others to suffer. One example is assumptions about aging. Take a look at all the suffering you associate with the concept of aging.

“But it’s true!” you say. “But it’s real! Look over here! Look at this! I’d be a fool to deny it.” You’re referring to the illusion, which is very convincing and very flexible. It’s all a question of what you want to continue to make. We use make in the same way A Course in Miracles does. The things you make are manufactured within an illusion, and they are never real. The things you create are extended in love, from who you are, as who you are, and they are real.

The things you make come about due to resistance, effort and struggle. Creation is. Love is. Love extends naturally, ceaselessly.

What is happening is that you are abiding more and more in the awareness of that. As you see how you believe in suffering, you can also see how you, the power of All That Is, are surrounding and upholding the experience. Once you see how you are extending this very mighty power, always equally shared, into this illusion of suffering, you can see how this was an issue of perception all along. You thought the power was within the illusion, outside you, and could be used to victimize or oppress you and others.

As you value separate will less and less, you will thrash about less and less. You will manufacture fewer and fewer illusions. What comes in to fill that space? Nothing that isn’t already there, nothing that hasn’t been there the whole time. Love. You choose Divine Will, the only will there truly is, and you allow the wholeness of All That Is to be reflected back to you.

Once you realize that you are the very power that upholds this illusion you made, this variation of seeing yourself as relatively powerless next to something not-you, you become very willing to allow the illusion to become undone through you, through your life. You become a beacon of light and love within your world. You allow and allow and allow the illusion to be undone, because you know the true and loving power of all we are. This is called the miracle. You accept yourself as a miracle worker, and you allow miracles to be performed through you.

This is a process that is happening within you now, and it is inevitable. When you attempt to use your separate will to judge or micromanage what is already happening, you get a chance to feel how unnecessary it is. Is feels like struggle. It doesn’t feel like flow.

As you become more and more willing to release the energy of struggle, you realize that what is happening right now, the way things are right now–it’s always perfect. No matter how it can be judged from the perspective of separate will, conditions now are always favorable for the undoing of the illusion, and you come to know this as your joy. This means you are not struggling or striving for one set of conditions above another. Your joy comes from knowing the Truth and allowing that truth of love to flow into the world through you.

Photo by Jenn Evelyn-Ann on Unsplash

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