Celebrate the choice for Love

All minds that you associate with bodies appear to be separate, but the minds are one. You can think of them now as interconnected. Remember that the body is only a facade. No one is a body, yet all Are. Go to where you are all joined together when you are tempted to focus upon a divine sibling as a body. When you set your sibling free, you set yourself free.

When one mind chooses love above all else, it creates an attraction for all of the other minds. It makes it easier for all of the other minds to choose love. Minds can continue to pursue a lonely agenda of ego, or they can hear the call to joy and return to the awareness of harmony. As you choose love in all things, the call of harmony is heard by more and more of your siblings.

We invite you to observe the energies of doubt, indecision and figuring out today. When it appears you have to make a choice–between one thing and the other thing, about what to do next–remember that there is only one choice you ever do make. It’s the choice between love and fear. So when it appears that you need to choose what activity to do next, take a moment to affirm that you choose love, and see what follows from that. When it seems it is time to eat, take a moment to say to yourself that you choose love, and see what comes next.

When struggle comes to the surface, we encourage you to celebrate. That which you have been hiding is surfacing. It is surfacing in the light. In the light you are, it burns off and dissolves. You can leave that struggle exposed and sit with it until it subsides. You serve all when you do this. The only struggle there can be is a struggle between the choice for love and the choice for fear. It only feels like a struggle because you fear love. As you allow struggle to emerge and to be seen in the light of love, you allow your fear of love to melt.

When struggle surfaces, you will be tempted to action. Simply observe the temptation to take control as a separate one. If you are ready for something more than this, something that is effortless, then just look at the ego as it sends out lures. That’s its job, and it does it exceptionally well. Your invention is ingenious, but it is not a threat to you. If you are willing to just sit and watch it operate, the voice of ego becomes easily recognized and insignificant. It’s similar to having your navigator telling you to drive into a lake. You can hear it, but you’re not going to do it. It’s obvious not to follow that instruction. Watch ego when you get a chance, and celebrate that you devoted time to the very holy purpose of healing.

If you find yourself critical of a divine sibling, remember that guidance is there for you. There is only one decision to make and that is the choice for Love. All else will follow from that. At the moment you find yourself in the tension of judgment or labeling, take a moment to feel how that feels. Feel the quality of tension. That not-good feeling is there because you are forging ahead in effort, as ego, trying to define things.

If you come back to Is-Are-Now, this moment, you are back in eternity with the perfection of your divine sibling, which is also yours. Affirm your willingness to choose love. Accept that you feel disturbance. Disturbance is always a wonderful opportunity to look at divine roles and to find gratitude.

Let’s say it appears one of your siblings is labeling you and limiting you, seeing you in a negative light. You who are unlimited cannot truly be limited, and the same is true of your sibling. Look at the role. Look at the labeling, for starters. Do you label anything during your day in a negative and limiting way, perhaps yourself, others, or the conditions you seem to find yourself in? Yes, of course you do. So this one showing you that reflection is extending a golden key to you. It’s the key to undo this habit of labeling. It’s always the key to your freedom. They enact it in front of you so you can see clearly what you have the opportunity to see in yourself and to release.

You always have nonphysicals all around you prepared to assist with this release. Simply thank the one with the golden key. Accept the golden key and affirm that you are willing to receive healing now. That’s all there is to it. We put it in the form of a ritual now because that is what is helpful now. All forms are temporary, however. The most important thing is the healing. We just give you the means to believe that you have accepted and experienced it. In reality, you have always been healed, but you are on the journey back to recognizing that–to recognizing the eternal Wholeness of All.

Bring all choices back to the one choice today. Anytime you are attempting to judge, you are attempting to do a job with ego that your True Self could do easily through you. As you act on unified aspect and speak from unified aspect, you make it much easier for others to access this frequency. Put simply, when you are happy and in joy, it’s contagious.

We surround you in joy, and we celebrate every moment of struggle you allow to surface, every moment of relief that follows. We celebrate the deepening of your remembrance of your eternal connection to us and to all in joy.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 11 – Choosing Love

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