One-on-one sessions provide opportunities for more focused, intentional work and some truly transformative experiences. When we come together, we share energy, and we have the opportunity to release anything that is not in alignment with our shared self. We also have the opportunity to accept gifts from each other as we sink more deeply into the experience and appreciation of our harmonic self.

Each session is a healing opportunity–not based on the idea that one requesting healing is in a state of lack, but upon the recognition that we are intentionally moving into the awareness of all that we are together. When we move into this state with intention, we notice more and more that it becomes easier to respond to what we regard as problems or challenges in daily life.

I would like anyone who wants a session to be able to have one, so there are three price options for each kind of session: generous, accessible and free.

Energy clearing
Walking through forgiveness
Gazing meditation




Photo by Andrea Riezzo on Unsplash