You are borne upon the wings of Love

You are borne swiftly upon wings of love.

Many times, when you lament and criticize, you do not notice these beautiful wings that support you. You do not notice the wonderfully strong and resilient wings supporting all others. You ignore the obvious in favor of trifles, but this is as you originally intended. You could not have had the experience of strife without ignoring the obvious–the Love that you are, the Love that all others are.

You did as you intended in coming here. You found out what it was like to experience not-harmony, not-love. You made an imaginary opposite to the only thing there ever has been, and you immersed yourself in this imaginary experience.

Congratulations! You’ve done it, and you’ve done it so well and thoroughly. Now we come to a quite beautiful time in your imaginary experience–your rediscovery of yourSelf, your shared and whole Self. It is now time to remember what you have been up to all this time–literally, for the whole of time’s seeming existence.

Now you’re going to remember what you’ve done, and there’s no reason to lament. In choosing to experience an illusory state of separation, no harm was ever done. Remember the statement included in your films: No animals were harmed in the making of this film. This is true. This film–this whole expanse of time–has been an illusion made by you in order to experience a conflict that could never truly exist.

This is good news indeed. You did it. You are responsible, and that means you are very powerful. You are responsible, and it has never been possible for you to truly do any harm. This entire time, for the entirety of time, you have always been held in safety, as long as you chose to pursue the experience of free will.

Free will is the illusion of separate and conflicting will. Time + free will is a role-playing game you elected to try, and you have always been held in safety and love as long as you made this choice. This game has always been childproof–meaning that no matter what harm you perceive yourselves to have done to each other and to your world, none of it was ever real.

We cannot emphasize this enough. There is no sin, in the way you have come to define sin. There is no wrongdoing, and there is no punishment. In order to leave the game, it’s important that you don’t fear your creator–your Source and the source of the Love you are. Sin is another word for error. The error in this case is misperception. You believe you have done wrong, but you have never done wrong, and wrongdoing was never truly possible.

You are uplifted within this experience, for as long as you are in it. You will stay within this experience to assist others in awakening to what is Real and what is not. The phrase “in the world but not of it” applies here. You are held up by your true and pure identity of Love, and the more you remember the truth of it, the more you will be inspired to assist and support others in their awakening.

As all of humanity awakens, the expression of love in your world will be astounding, light-filled and very beautiful to see. All will learn to forgive deeply and immediately, and all those playing divine roles–whether they have appeared to be good or relatively bad, will be brought back into remembrance and into harmonic function.

This is a very beautiful time to be here. Yes, you will see others experiencing challenges, and you will experience challenges of your own. Think of it this way: Before you jump, you bend your knees. You dip down to prepare for the jump. If you or another is experiencing a dip, those circumstances are perfect for allowing you to release misperception and to jump into the full remembrance of Love you and all others are. All are perfectly positioned for this awakening, Trust that all are supported.

Remember what is underneath you. You are borne on wings of Love because Love is what you are. When you feel stuck, you are actually being borne rather swiftly because you are being given many opportunities to encounter and release your misperceptions. Know this of others. Celebrate the opportunities they are being given.

And love each other. Follow inspiration to support and assist others during this time of awakening and remembrance.

Notice how you feel. Anytime you are relying upon ego to trudge through, to slog through, stop and remember. Look at that identity you are hanging onto. Look at what you are putting between you and the creative force that is longing to flow through you. Only attachment to a separate and conflicted identity can give you this sense of effort and struggle. When you feel it, stop. Tell us that you know what you are doing. You are attaching to an identity you made for the experience of disharmony, but you’re done with it now. Ask for our assistance in flowing from harmonic and shared identity. Be willing to give up all perception that stands in the way of that. And then step back for a time and allow us to do our energetic work.

This can look like losing track of things you thought you were in charge of. This can look like laziness or not wanting to do things. This can look like a nap. This can look like taking time unexpectedly to do something fun or something in solitude. This can look like letting the concerns and worries and pressures of the world go for a while. This can look like dropping a rigid routine–even a meditation routine–and doing something else or seemingly nothing at all for a while. Use time for the purpose of emerging from the limitations of time. We–your nonphysical team–are always with you and always delighted to work with you energetically whenever you allow it.

You are borne swiftly upon the wings of love, and you are being taken to an edge–an edge upon which there is no choice anymore. Just beyond this edge there is no more choice for seemingly separate identity or the truth of shared identity. There is only what Is. Only love, only flow. No conflict, just knowing. The force bringing you to this edge is your very own Self–our harmonic Self, the Self that has never been touched by the choice (also an illusion) for a role-playing game.

Enjoy this beautiful, beautiful time of awakening to the game, realizing your power to allow Love to flow into it uninhibited, and watching as all other players learn to do the same, surrendering separate identity and flowing and flowering in the joy of harmonic identity. We love you and all role-players as our divine siblings, and it is our profound joy to see you wake up.

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash

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