Spring Happening 2019: Spiritual Experiences to Share

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Saturday, May 4
First Congregational Church, Binghamton

Learn from others and share on your own spiritual journey at the Spring Happening 2019 at First Congregational Church in Binghamton on Saturday, May 4, from 9am-5pm. The donation requested is $10, and attendees are asked to bring a salad to share. Our speakers include Jim Bryden, Tom Meade, Art Suggs, Tom Moberg, & Rick Gridley. Buy a spiritual book at our $1 sale.  Sponsored by Binghamton Spiritual Study Group and First Congregational Church.


Jim Bryden

Retired architect. A student of the Spiritual and Metaphysical over the past 40 years. Was told by a psychic that he is a lightworker, which may explain his compulsion to create ways of bringing this type of knowledge to many, including through Happenings.

Tom Meade

B.Ed, M.S. Degrees. Holistic Practitioner trained and certified in Dowsing, EFT, Reconnective Healing, Reiki, Biogenesis, LIFE Systems and Bio-Feedback. Has a local mental training practice for the public, businesses and athletes.

Art Suggs

Retired pastor of Binghamton First Congregational Church. Has two degrees in Physics and a Doctorate in Interfaith Dialogue. Pursues Non-Dual, Unitive, Christ-Conscious Spirituality.

Tom Moberg

B.S. Mathematics. Retired engineer from local companies. Studying philosophy and spirituality for most of his life. A leading member and secretary of the local chapter of the Theosophical Society.

Rick Gridley

B. Sociology, M.Div and M.L.I.S. degrees. Former Presbyterian Minister for six years. Currently a teacher of Qi Cong and Yoga. Trained in numerous body and energy work healing modalities. Studying with Jerry Stocking since 2001, exploring various states of awareness and consciousness, including Very Important Patterns, Plant Medicine and“Existential Chaos”.

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