20171023_114333 (1)Sometimes an idea comes tap, tap, tapping on the brain. And when I sit down to tap it out, the idea gets explained to me with more depth and clarity.

The voice that comes through me I regard as an inner teacher. The more I learn, the more I know that the voice (which labeled itself satguru before I knew what the term meant) can sometimes take on a specific personality. Sometimes it seems to come from a benevolent group. The identity of the message-giver has never seemed prominent or important because the place from which it comes is the place at which all beings across time and space meet. There have been times when I have tried to give the voice or voices names, but it never quite fit. The one label that we all seem to delight in is “imaginary friends,” intentionally lowercase, and always with the understanding that we are as delightfully imaginary and flexible as they are.

I am a student remembering who I am, where we all came from, how we got ourselves into the situation of being in conflict with each other, and how to return Home where peace and harmony is natural. The return Home is a return to our shared Self of love. Put into language, it sounds sugar-coated and dream-saturated, but now I am being guided into the lived experience of being an expression of Love, moment by moment. I know I am doing this with you, my divine siblings, and the shared energy of that feels wonderful.

In daily life, I’m Julie, an at-home parent living with my husband and four kids. They are some of my best teachers.

As I learn, release, let go, heal, and allow, moments of clarity come through to help me along. I hope these moments of clarity help you, too, and most of all, I hope they assist you as you connect more powerfully with the guidance that always surrounds you. The guidance that surrounds you–it’s fully harmonized  with the guidance that surrounds me, and as we learn to flow with this energy together it’s the best feeling in the world.

Here’s to an exhilarating and shared ride back to our true identity in shared and harmonic, beautifully differentiated Self. 💚