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Update: Another way to learn about me is through this interview conducted by the lovely Vera Scroggins πŸ’š

Sometimes an idea comes tap, tap, tapping on the brain. And when I sit down to tap it out, the idea gets explained to me with more depth and clarity.

The voice that comes through me I regard as an inner teacher. The more I learn, the more I know that the voice (which labeled itself satguru before I knew what the term meant) can sometimes take on a specific personality. Sometimes it seems to come from a benevolent group. The identity of the message-giver has never seemed prominent or important because the place from which it comes is the place at which all beings across time and space meet. There have been times when I have tried to give the voice or voices names, but it never quite fit. The one label that we all seem to delight in is “imaginary friends,” intentionally lowercase, and always with the understanding that we are as delightfully imaginary and flexible as they are.

I am a student remembering who I am, where we all came from, how we got ourselves into the situation of being in conflict with each other, and how to return Home where peace and harmony is natural. The return Home is a return to our shared Self of love. Put into language, it sounds sugar-coated and dream-saturated, but now I am being guided into the lived experience of being an expression of Love, moment by moment. I know I am doing this with you, my divine siblings, and the shared energy of that feels wonderful.

In daily life, I’m Julie Boerst, an at-home parent living with my husband and four kids. They are some of my best teachers.

As I learn, release, let go, heal, and allow, moments of clarity come through to help me along. I hope these moments of clarity help you, too, and most of all, I hope they assist you as you connect more powerfully with the guidance that always surrounds you. The guidance that surrounds you–it’s fully harmonizedΒ  with the guidance that surrounds me, and as we learn to flow with this energy together it’s the best feeling in the world.

Here’s to a beautiful and shared ride back to our true identity in shared, harmonic, perfect, and eternal Self.Β πŸ’š

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  1. Really beautiful to feel we are on the same page sharing very similar thoughts, just goes to show that one’s personal faith hardly matters. Every soul whoever it is, is yearing to be in communion with the supreme! The more we redirect ourselves inwards, more we gets open to the Absolute Truth! Blogging is one journey that makes us realiise who we are, sharing thoughts and learn from each other, the path of life.

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  2. I have only discovered you today, tho I’ve followed your blog for a while. I stumbled across one of the posts I had printed out for myself, “Standing In The Stillness.” It said “We promise…” and for the first time I needed to know who was speaking here. This was the first time i had sought the individual entity thru which these truths came.
    I was surprised and delighted with the interview on your About page. I feel very calmed and comforted to know that people who message the Life/Love?universe/Sprit/great Consciousness (and more, because as you have said so sweetly and perfectly logically that It’s all of it”) who bring deep and sometimes controversial truths like these – can be normal, kind, honest, and totally not-crazy,
    I have hidden my “voice” because of the natural fear that “people” would think badly of me in that way. I haven’t had your courage. I too wondered for a long time Who Is It That Speaks? I asked for a name, and it answered, “I am you. When you speak, I speak. When you write, I write…” and often says other shocking and disturbing things, Eventually over time I came to understand that The Voice is not one single entity like Jesus or some exclusive personal Spirit-Guide or angel, but whatever voice I need, at the time when I call.
    There’s no one to talk to about such things. Even the New Thought faiths have gotten ritualized and compartmentalized and seek to constrict whatever it is that’s God/great-consciousness, whatever, and pin it down with names. I just can;t buy into any rigid one-size-fits-all religion, and for the very first time, you have given me a rational reason why one size has never fit all. Attempts to share what I receive have had to go into little books of essays that go timidly out into the world with a pseudonym author, and I suspect there are many others of us who do the same. For now, at least.
    I’ll be following more closely now that I know you are a person, like myself, not a holier-than-thou Superior Being whom God likes better than the rest of us. What a relief. And yet the most astonishing, profoundly immense truths come out onto the page. And it’s normal. The rightest simplest kind of way to open the heart and mind to capital-L Life. Thank you so much. It’s just what I needed, today.


    1. Oh my goodness–so heartfelt and so beautiful! I was wondering why I had the urge to listen to this interview again when your comment came through. I guess we were listening together. Thank you so much, and I will reply more at length when I get home. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


  3. This really struck me:
    “Eventually over time I came to understand that The Voice is not one single entity like Jesus or some exclusive personal Spirit-Guide or angel, but whatever voice I need, at the time when I call.”

    Perfectly said. Our Voice uses form without being crazy enough to believe in form πŸ˜„

    “…not a holier-than-thou Superior Being whom God likes better than the rest of us.”

    This got me, too. I still start up that idealizing engine when it comes to things and conditions and people, but oh, how it does hurt now when I do it! Giving thanks that we can know what hurts and why it does. Here’s to relaxing into our total and eternal equality. πŸ™πŸ’š

    Loved meeting you in this way, Victoria!


  4. “The illusion(of limitation) you wanted to see”. Just so struck by the voice for those words WOW! I have a continuous voice in my deaf right ear. It varies in intensity but, I wonder why it is not more clear such as you or James “as God says” I get the same feeling from. Got a lot of love! P.S. -Glad to have found you

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