You don’t have to fear any future Sometimes the journey out of illusion seems long and arduous to you. Remember that the story about the journey and its seeming qualities can be taken over by ego. When you think about emerging out of illusion with all of your divine siblings, how does it feel? Is there any disquiet? Any hopelessness? Any … Continue reading You don’t have to fear any future


Hello, Lovelies. Just wanted to let you know that my mind is under construction...or maybe deconstruction? Old patterns are being broken up, and I'm being encouraged to really attune to that frequency of peace, to not assume that I know what's coming next,to drop the sense of control. I don't know when I will be … Continue reading Update

Repost: Allowing illusion to wash away

This is a repost from September 5, 2018. Good morning. Time to wake up! We know you are physically awake, but that doesn’t count in this game. Time for the awakening that counts! You all are a bit like sleepyheads in the morning. You cling to sleep at times, dozing off and mumbling at … Continue reading Repost: Allowing illusion to wash away

Let go of the balloon Whenever you experience a sense of disturbance, you are believing a lie about yourself and all others. In these moments you are using the resources available to you to block awareness of what you and all Are, which would heal everything quite simply. Remember, in these moments, that you are Peace itself. With your … Continue reading Let go of the balloon

Unconditional Mind

This is a repost of a Love's Beginning message from August 29, 2018. Today we will explore Mind vs. mind. You are accustomed to mind. This mind is what delivers the thoughts you consider to be your own to you. It’s the mind that is convinced you are acting of your own, separate volition … Continue reading Unconditional Mind

Someday is Now

So this is a little different. I was receiving a message for the lovely Sue when this song came to me and was hanging around for a couple of days. Just before I sent Sue's message, I got a tap on the shoulder to send it to her. I thought it was over, and then … Continue reading Someday is Now

Marionettes dance at your command You don't have to condemn any part of the illusion. Imagine a blank canvas. Your friend walks up to this canvas, hallucinating. You can see clearly that there is not one brushstroke upon the canvas. Your friend walks up to one part of the canvas, mesmerized. "It's so beautiful--exquisite! I love it!" And then … Continue reading Marionettes dance at your command

Patience and inspiration Inspiration is worth waiting for. Every seeming decision during your day offers you a choice between two things: Do you want your answer to come from Light, or do you want your answer to come from pain and suffering? It seems like an easy decision, doesn't it? Your habit of following ego's dictates means … Continue reading Patience and inspiration