The Flow everywhere, in everyone The experience of anger, pain, irritation or limitation means that you are choosing that experience. Why would you choose anger? You would choose anger because you are accustomed to seeing power in false power, in defense, in seeings all as separate, in the idea of a separate one managing separate things, a separate one … Continue reading The Flow everywhere, in everyone

The undoing of devotion to disquiet Knowing how things truly Are will soothe you. The statement "Things are never as bad as they seem" is always true. We wish to reveal to you your devotion to seeing things as bad. Watch for this. In any moment in which you feel disquiet today, you are witnessing your devotion to seeing things … Continue reading The undoing of devotion to disquiet

Awakening conversations

Thanks to my friend François for his "Show Some Love" show, where I have had lovely conversations about awakening with friends. I mean that both ways. I had conversations with friends, and I am awakening with friends 💗    

Come to the fountain There is a sacred healing place always available to you. We invite you to think of it as a fountain, as the Source of Life. Whenever you perceive a need, and you can tell you are experiencing a need by the disquiet you feel, come within to this fountain. This fountain will give you … Continue reading Come to the fountain

Celestial tech support Imagine this today: You have a group of thousands of benevolent nonphysical beings who are present for you in every moment. You are that worthy. You are that loved. If you seem to crave attention from a world, this is really the attention that will fill that perceived need. Now look out upon all … Continue reading Celestial tech support

Treasure hunt A vast treasure awaits you. It's so simple, the work you have to do today. The work you have to do today is the same work you have to do every day, regardless of who you seem to be, where you seem to show up, or what seems to be happening. It is always … Continue reading Treasure hunt

Relax into rejoicing Perception is flexible. You often believe that you are looking upon what is Real, and you can feel trapped and limited by this looking. You react to what you perceive, and you can feel this as emotion. Emotion is the back and forth agitation covering up the deep peace that you are and all … Continue reading Relax into rejoicing

Stay at Home in guidance Trust the invisible. The physical world is all about trusting what the senses tell you. Your sensory experiences are just effects--just what thoughts told you to experience. They are not because of any other effects in the world. Your senses break a world up into distinct parts, and then ego tells you how all … Continue reading Stay at Home in guidance

The spark of Life You have a mighty companion who goes with you everywhere. With this mighty companion by your side, you need fear nothing you seem to see or experience. We invite you to remember the presence of this mighty companion throughout your day. Your mighty companion is present in every being you meet. This is why … Continue reading The spark of Life