Phenomenality serves healing

You are eternal. If you are eternal, then so is everyone else. That's how it works. We draw your attention back to this very basic truth. When you are focused upon what seems limited, pan the camera back to what is true. The eternal has no limits. The eternal has no conflict. Remember also that  … Continue reading Phenomenality serves healing

Keep your focus on the Real

If you don't judge, you don't judge the thoughts you hear. There is a phase of realization that you don't need to judge the world that springs up seemingly outside of you, that judgment is a habit. But then there is still the idea that individual thoughts have particular qualities and say something about a … Continue reading Keep your focus on the Real

Just passing through

Thoughts pass through the field of your awareness. They are neutral until you attach to them and give them significance. We invite you to notice which thoughts encourage a dualistic perspective. This would be a perspective of "This single thing is bad" or "This single thing is better than the rest." When you notice these … Continue reading Just passing through

Setting down the burden

If you look upon life with us, then you look without fear. If you feel fear, tension or judgment, you are looking and deciding without us. This is optional. Your life, as you see it, is not for you to live alone. The idea of a separate self handling everything comes from the ego. The … Continue reading Setting down the burden

Set down your defenses to accept the gift

A belief is a defense. Right now, don't worry about the " good" beliefs you have. When you address what appear to be negative or tense beliefs, you work with belief in general. You have no need of belief in anything in particular when you transcend belief to access knowing in every moment. To access … Continue reading Set down your defenses to accept the gift

You are lovingly invited

We invite you. We always invite you, and it's always to the same thing--to the remembrance of the unity and beauty we are together. We invite you to bypass all that you have set up to block this remembrance and to accept and revel in the simple peace of you and all others. We invite … Continue reading You are lovingly invited

Dismantling the structure of suffering

The small-r reality of this dimension is that there is the experience of that which is unlike love. There is the experience, pasted on top of the peace in which you have always abided, the full love and acceptance that has always been yours (and everyone else's) just because you Are. When you experience that … Continue reading Dismantling the structure of suffering

The unwinding

All is mind. Think of that for a moment. All experience is generated by mind, and there is only the one mind. Pretty amazing, isn't it? What's more amazing to us is that you can be so distracted by the experiences you're generating that you forget the essential truth of you and all others. Kind … Continue reading The unwinding

Worth is shared

Will you choose to see love or will you choose to see fear? Yes, you get to decide. You are simply habituated to victim consciousness. We know you have come very far in understanding what you have been doing in accepting victim consciousness, but you are still habituated to it. The habits are breaking down … Continue reading Worth is shared