The illusion you wanted to see If you 're committed to seeing persons, then some of them will seem so inferior as to be dangerous. Some of them will feel so superior as to be threatening. If you look beyond the perception of inferior and superior, and you rest here, this means that you abandon the defenses meant to protect … Continue reading The illusion you wanted to see

Observe the trickery You teach happiness through happiness. Others teach you happiness through happiness. If there seems to be no happiness around, become willing to see happiness as the true and essential nature of all you call other. Then you will find it in yourself. In this way, you look past the shiny surface of fake happiness … Continue reading Observe the trickery

You are already One Just let it all collapse. It's safe. What can you allow to collapse? The architecture of your disquiet. The framework of all stress and tension is composed of lies. Let the lies go, and truth shines, very simply. Ego fears a void. Ego's function is to obscure the spaciousness you Are with all its … Continue reading You are already One

ACIM Reading 37 – A Course in Miracles – T.-5.II & III

Chapter 5: Healing and WholenessII. The Voice for GodIII. The Guide to Salvation "The Holy Spirit promotes healing by looking beyond it to what the children of God were before healing was needed, and will be when they have been healed." Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

Remember that you are one with it now Everything you look upon is a reflection. What do you want to see reflected? Do you want to see your innocence? Do you want to see the innocence of all you call else? You can be attracted to something "out there" and want it for yourself, thinking that you don't have it yet and … Continue reading Remember that you are one with it now