The deep green heart of communication

Imagine a tree. The"where" of us, which includes you, is at the very heart, the life-giving essence, of this tree. It's the actual "where" of you, too. Energetically, if you are clinging to one of the tree branches, you don't feel good. You don't feel God, which is what you are. Think of that the … Continue reading The deep green heart of communication

Now serving All

Touch something. Feel the texture. You gave that experience to yourself. The physical sense experience is not real. We are using this language to help you find a deeper foundation, not to deny the experience you are giving yourself. We are emphasizing the experience you give yourself to stay in the space of your empowerment. … Continue reading Now serving All

Let’s play!

What is real, and what is not real? Your five-sense world is not real. It is an experience you give yourself. To the extent that you realize you are giving this experience to yourself, to the extent that you realize victimization is not possible, you will allow the truth of who you are to flow … Continue reading Let’s play!

Every moment a decision

Each moment is a reset point. Through breath and intention, we can focus on the qualities of mind that allow reality (freedom, abundance, love, connection, thriving) to flow into the illusion. When we do this, we also invite the experience of those qualities from others. Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

Are we here yet?

Think of where you are right now Where are you?  Okay, now look a little deeper. Where are you? What are you, exactly, and where is this thing you're calling you? You can name a location. Is the location name the where? You think you're in a particular location. You believe you're in a particular … Continue reading Are we here yet?

You are spirit

We are here--right where you are, right where you have always been. Where you have always been is not in a physical location. You are spirit. When you don't know who you are, you project a physical experience that reflects your confusion. When you remember who you are, you allow a physical experience that reflects the … Continue reading You are spirit