You are ready When you are hanging on to the logic of the world, you are doing so out of fear. We simply ask you to notice this today. Where are you attached to worldly logic? Where are you clinging to it for safety, which indicates the presence of fear? Only notice. Fear is something you choose. … Continue reading You are ready

Witness the Withness We are here to help you with an addiction. We are Mind, as One, although we appear to be approaching you from beyond yourself with help. The place from where we approach is your true dwelling place, where you have been resting in peace eternally, as we do. The place where you believe yourself … Continue reading Witness the Withness

Relaxing into what is Real You are cared for. You are loved. You are supported. Everything that is Real supports you and supplies you. Egoic thought consistently herds perception away from this truth, but we invite you to stay steady here. You are cared for as all are cared for. You are loved as all are loved. You are … Continue reading Relaxing into what is Real

Open to receive Everything is given to you. Everything that is yours, everything that you could possibly need, is always yours. In terms of the nonphysical, everything you need is yours right now. You only need to open your eyes to see that it is there. Everything you need comes from within. In terms of what you … Continue reading Open to receive

A Love’s Beginning book

I'm happy to share that Love's Beginning's first book-length collection of posts is available to read. Eventually, it will be available in actual book format, and I'll let you know when that happens. Love's Beginning: The Book Thanks for all you do to inspire me 🙏💚🌸 Photo by Rajshri Bharath KS on Unsplash

Allowing True You The wonderful comes through you without your interference and management. By "you" we mean an entity that does not truly exist--you-as-separate. That part is a dream, and it is time to recognize it consistently as such. When you acknowledge this, what seems to be your personality can be run by who you truly Are, … Continue reading Allowing True You

Looking at a blessing We ask you not to worry about actions in life. Think of the all that will drop away when you stop worrying over actions--your own actions or those of another. Think of a deep relaxation that comes from this letting go, the ease. When you think of that ease, see yourself as cradled in … Continue reading Looking at a blessing

The struggle is unreal When you catch yourself trying to figure something out, take a moment to return to what is Real.  The back and forth of trying to figure something out is a struggle. It's something you do when you are ego-identified, thinking that your character must run things. We do not ask you to try to … Continue reading The struggle is unreal

Looking past the surface Guidance is always available to you. Know this without fail. Guidance is always here for you, and it is never absent. Sometimes you choose to obscure it, and waking up is all about ceasing those efforts to obscure what is True and what is Real. In your journey toward full awakening, you will experience … Continue reading Looking past the surface