Devalue the currency of illusion

When you think something is both important and threatening today, you are immersed in the illusion. You are treating it is if it is more real and more powerful than Love. You feel small, and something other feels big. You are fueling the illusion of separation. Our invitation to you is to consciously decrease the … Continue reading Devalue the currency of illusion

You will wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2…

You are getting sleeeeepy. You are getting very, very sleeeeeeepy... Just kidding. You're already hypnotized. More and more, we invite you to view your experience of the world through the lens of hypnosis. What you are seeing is the result of this hypnosis. Within this experience of hypnosis, you can ask that everything you see … Continue reading You will wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2…

The beauty of emanation

We're actually doing a lot when it seems like we're doing nothing. There are a couple of little light visitors in this video. One right at the beginning across the bottom of the screen and one floating up on the right at about 1:00. 💚 Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Oh, come, little children

We wish to speak to you of techniques and limitations. A technique is a limitation, but if it calls to you, it can help you approach the place where you will drop limitation. You are not capable of judging the technique used by another. You are not capable of judging the overall effectiveness of a technique. … Continue reading Oh, come, little children

Divine spatula

Oneness is not something you have to achieve. It is. It is a recognition. We invite you to simply see it for a moment. Underneath the churning surface of this dream, there is a Oneness that cannot be touched, has never been touched. This is the source of the peace that passeth all understanding. Oneness … Continue reading Divine spatula

Miracles are easy

Your mind is very, very powerful, and the power of the mind is never unshared. This means that whatever mind activity you have going on, you are sharing that with the collective. Consider this: Something happens in your world, and many people react to it. They seem very concerned with the impact of this event … Continue reading Miracles are easy

Agents of transformation

We lovingly invite you to set down all of your beliefs. You don't have to set down the beliefs we share, which you may see as loving beliefs, beliefs that reflect Reality. They are not really beliefs, although they are presented to you as such at first. What you may see as loving beliefs are … Continue reading Agents of transformation

Arming a mouse

You came here to share happiness. Happiness is available due to who you are, not because of where you seem to find yourself. You came here to share relaxation and joy. Despite the way things appear here, you always have a direct conduit to relaxation, and there is always joy to share. This never changes … Continue reading Arming a mouse