Let’s break it down

https://youtu.be/qtShPVEtc18 In order to keep the experience of suffering going, you must believe that it is possible for you and others to do wrong. When you identify with the false self, and when you see any "other" as their false self, you have an objective, and that objective is to keep suffering going. Suffering is … Continue reading Let’s break it down

The Light behind every illusion

https://youtu.be/drzFlObyIgY There is something for which to give thanks in every moment, and it's not anything in particular. The particular can distract you from what is Real if you place value in the particular alone, in the separate form. If you place the value in the joy that seems to shine through any particular, however, … Continue reading The Light behind every illusion

A constellation of separate and distinct things

https://youtu.be/pOXMGtSJ1AQ You're always experiencing what you want. Although it may not look this way, the initial desire was to have an experience of separation, and it is not possible to have an experience of separation from Peace while feeling perfect peace. Once you commit to the ride Home, you are carried by that peace back … Continue reading A constellation of separate and distinct things

There’s a place for us

https://youtu.be/n9aFevf1zKM There is a place that you can go in order to receive the next line you speak, and that space is not the personality, with all its perspectives and opinions. When you become aware of this place-that-is-not-a-place, you meet your Self. When you become aware of this place-that-is-not-a-place, you meet all those you call … Continue reading There’s a place for us

Dream: A separate place, subject to the limits of time and space

https://youtu.be/XKS7iq0l7iw Every aspect of the world you're experiencing can be celebrated as perfect, because every aspect reveals how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Every seen-as-separate aspect of the world you're experiencing is reflective in this way, and it does you the service of showing your mind to you. Once you see what … Continue reading Dream: A separate place, subject to the limits of time and space

Gifts: Incoming

https://youtu.be/2VglS9Vzu9Y Tension is the effort with which you hold your perceptions of this world in memory. When you feel tension, remember this. You made a world with thought, and when you feel tension, you are struggling to remember those thoughts, to hold onto your illusion. This means that no one "else" can cause your tension. … Continue reading Gifts: Incoming

Beingness is One

https://youtu.be/4fE45V-Rsl4 Someone's wrong, bad, and guilty: This is the virus. If you ever feel any physical or emotional discomfort, this idea is the cause. Someone or something is bad. Some one or some thing is guilty. Some one. A being perceived a separate, while Beingness is One. This is the only sickness, the only problem. … Continue reading Beingness is One

Best gameplay tip

https://youtu.be/QOuS-KNZMrw Keep your eyes off Other Guy's copybook. A personal note: For years I have heard my nonphysical friends giving me this advice, and I always thought "copybook" sounded quaint. I thought it was like a blue book for writing down exam responses. Only yesterday did I look it up. A copybook is not a … Continue reading Best gameplay tip

Butterfly on your hand

https://youtu.be/nGhrzCU0CwU Do I want to see you as the pure and innocent light of my heart, or do I need to see you as something else? This is an excellent question to ask whenever you notice that tension is present as you are physically with another or as you think of another. With your permission, … Continue reading Butterfly on your hand

Reality bus

https://youtu.be/hxwy5Vo1yBA Every thought is a bus you get on. Every thought gives you a ride through what appears to be real and causative. When you are looking out of the window of the bus, you see many things, and you react to those things. Those things appear to be separate from the bus, but the … Continue reading Reality bus