All is as it should be

We invite you into the truth of peace. Everybody, in this moment, no matter how they are focused, is focused as they should be focused. Do you feel the peace of that? Everything is and always has been as it should be. Even when things in your world appear to be in such disarray, beneath … Continue reading All is as it should be

Raise a glass of light

We invite you to observe two facets of your day today: perception and experience. Just your perception, not anyone else's. Shine the beautiful and neutral light of love on your own perception. To observe something without judgment, without struggle--that's love. Observe your perceptions with the great love of which you are worthy. Take a good, … Continue reading Raise a glass of light

Common sense

There is nothing outside of you. You encompass all that is, all phenomenality, all time, all space. You, where you meet everyone else--you as our shared and harmonic self of love, are what encompasses everything. This means it is not actually possible for you to be in opposition to anything because you have always been … Continue reading Common sense

You’ve never done anything wrong

Notice for a moment the desire to control something. Go into that vibration for a moment. Who wants to control? Who is that entity that believes it lacks control, that believes it is in a state of want? You can see yourself through the lens of that separate entity that thinks it lacks. You can … Continue reading You’ve never done anything wrong

Here is the key

Imagine that you are living life within a box. You say you want to leave the box, but the lock is on the inside and you are the only one with the key. Today we show you that key. We work with you so you can see it in the palm of your hand. The … Continue reading Here is the key

Divine Selfishness

You have all. We thought you might like to know that. You have All because you are All. In other words, you are Self-contained, within the whole of the self that includes everything, and ever-expanding, ever creative. Right now, you already have all of the solutions to anything that could possibly face you in this … Continue reading Divine Selfishness

Seeing, sharing and activating power and innocence

This truly is all about dropping all the clock time we're spending on reactivity and allowing the creative power of love to radiate outward into our storylines. Going deep into our perceptions to allow release of what we don't need,. Accepting inspired thought, speech and action. Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Allowing illusion to wash away

Good morning. Time to wake up! We know you are physically awake, but that doesn't count in this game. Time for the awakening that counts! You all are a bit like sleepyheads in the morning. You cling to sleep at times, dozing off and mumbling at us to leave you alone, hiding your head in … Continue reading Allowing illusion to wash away

Walk on Earth without conflict

Once upon a time, there was a tiny, mad idea, as your A Course in Miracles calls it, and you believed it. Then you remembered that it was false, and you laughed. This is the story you are living. You are on the remembrance journey now. What is the tiny, mad idea? It is the idea … Continue reading Walk on Earth without conflict