Trusting Flow and knowing it as yourSelf You are so very fortunate! The technology of awakening is very simple. You want to awaken because you want to be happy. Anytime you delay your awakening, you are confused, yet still you proceed further upon this road of awakening. As you proceed, you begin to see how very simple it is--how very simple … Continue reading Trusting Flow and knowing it as yourSelf

Stress as an invitation to Love

We wish to talk about what pulls you and what drives you. What pulls the you that you perceive to be you and what drives the you that you perceive to be you--that is all up to you. All of the seeming motion in your world is based upon thought and belief. Although the experiences … Continue reading Stress as an invitation to Love

Resonance Today we are here to emphasize sameness. The ego calls sameness by the name of "boredom." The sameness to which we invite you is the equality of all beings across time and space. Beyond that, it's the beautiful resonance of simple beingness available to all at all times. Eventually, it will be natural for … Continue reading Resonance

All desire is for peace We will explain why you cannot judge action. All action is an expression of the longing to know perfection. The ego interprets perfection-in-form, its substitute for the perfection all are, in many ways. None of them can be judged because none of them has any real significance. To say that the actions performed in … Continue reading All desire is for peace

All barriers are imaginary Perception as you know it--perception of the five senses--is a distortion. A life built upon the experience of the five senses and judgments about it must be dissatisfying. There is no way around this. There is no satisfaction in distortion, and it will never be felt. You can deliver to yourself temporary experiences of … Continue reading All barriers are imaginary

Dropping judgment What you seek is what you are. When you experience any sort of seeking/lacking feeling, we invite you to pause and to turn your awareness, your focus, to Home. Home is All. Home is abundance. When you rest in that abundance, you are at Home. The seeking feeling, or any feeling of lack, is … Continue reading Dropping judgment

Sweeping away old belief When you believe you are of this world, you ask the ego to tell you how you feel and why. Ego sends reactive thoughts about events, and then you believe you are all of these different and varying states. You believe you are jealous. You believe you are bereft. We invite you to reach to what you … Continue reading Sweeping away old belief

From significance to weightlessness We invite you to notice today the placing of significance. When you are placing significance upon any phenomenal thing, how does it feel? We are looking here at the structure of the mesmerism, at the prison bars. These prison bars have no true substance. In fact, they dissolve when you stop to look upon … Continue reading From significance to weightlessness

Being conducted through the physical Reality is not physical. The physical is a very real-seeming experience you are delivering to yourself by relying upon the lens of separate identity. You have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to believe the physical is real, and you have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to suffer. To … Continue reading Being conducted through the physical