Pathway of light We ask you to focus upon the mind because miracles come from the mind, not the body. You are here to allow miracles. Miracles come from a mind shift shared with others. When you focus on the mind, you can allow shifts in perspective. As you allow these shifts, what you allow is shared … Continue reading Pathway of light

Thank you for another year of Love’s Beginning

Thanks so much to all the readers who share this space with me, inspiring me and delighting me. Some of you reblog these posts, so thank you for that. I like knowing that these messages go exactly where they are supposed to go. This website will cost me $66 to keep going for another year. … Continue reading Thank you for another year of Love’s Beginning

Painting a picture of healing We invite you to think of the body as nothing today. We know this is provocative, but it is a useful exercise. Bodies merely enact the thoughts you believe. Bodies serve ego when they enact egoic thoughts, and they serve us all truly when they enact true thoughts. You are not the entity that … Continue reading Painting a picture of healing

Be troubled no longer It is important to realize your strength. Your playtime with ego has been about pretending to be weak and separate entities. This healing drama with coronavirus you are experiencing is a way for you to understand how willing you are to believe that weakness is real, that weakness can kill, that killing is real. … Continue reading Be troubled no longer

Make sure to wash your minds When you take your attention from form and judgment of form, putting your attention on the eternal, you are both giving and receiving. Basking in this shining light, there is nothing else but what you are, and what you are, all are. As you stay in the awareness of this light, you share it … Continue reading Make sure to wash your minds

Everything is useful Every aspect of the illusion you made can be turned to the service of healing, to the service of waking you up. Everything is useful, but when you are identified as the separate one, what ego would have you be, you have no idea what the purpose of anything is. We ask you to … Continue reading Everything is useful

Time at your service Consider time the pathway that reunites you with your True Self. Everything with a linear focus can be used in the service of healing, so you are not time's enemy. You are that one who will see through time entirely, but until that point, time can be put in the hands of those who … Continue reading Time at your service

The happiest use of time Time used to be a hiding place for you. It was a place for enacting your fantasy role as a separate one with autonomy. Time was a stage upon which what the separate one wanted played out. Now time is a means of teaching you. Time is a means of teaching you that time … Continue reading The happiest use of time

Carrying the light You are not here to play with illusions. Any moment of boredom, fatigue, anger or worry means that you are busy at play with illusions. These feelings states are not caused by something real. We invite you to see through the unreal today. Ask for help in seeing through the unreal, and it always … Continue reading Carrying the light

Allowing the shining reflection of the Real When you think you are doing in this world, nothing is really happening. When you are identifying as an ego that places much importance upon the physical and its seeming meaning and value, this idea of doing nothing is shocking. The value in realizing that the physical, as the egoic identity uses it, is … Continue reading Allowing the shining reflection of the Real