The gift of sanity

We are here to decrease your workload. You're welcome. You don't have to work so hard. Everything will roll along very nicely without your interference. Whose interference? We call it the apparent interference of a character who fears love. You have been projecting out an image of yourself because that's what everyone else does. When … Continue reading The gift of sanity

Beingness everywhere

Whenever you are fatigued, you have been attempting the impossible. It is actually impossible to show up as a separate you. Efforts to distinguish yourself from others--all comparative efforts--are fatiguing. So when you wonder why you are exhausted, it's always the same cause, every time. You have been attempting the impossible, and the feeling of … Continue reading Beingness everywhere

A thin tissue of lies

You have been lying to yourself. This is good news. It is good to know such a thing, to be able to admit it, to look at it. Pay attention. Every time you feel fear, this is you attempting to hold onto lies you never needed. You can stop kidding yourself that fears are about … Continue reading A thin tissue of lies

Shutting down the nightmare factory

You Are, and because you Are, you cannot be anything separate from what you are. That means you can't be a deficiency, but you can play a role within an illusion. The same goes for everyone else. Your ability to see through and beyond roles quickly is what allows you to remember yourSelf, to be … Continue reading Shutting down the nightmare factory

Mystery blogger

A wonderful reader and blogger, Joan Myles of Jewniquely Myself, has nominated Love's Beginning for a Mystery Blogger award. Thank you, Joan! Thanks also to Okoto Enigma for creating the award. ***Mystery Blogger Award – What is it? Okoto Enigma is the creator of Mystery Blogger Award. This is an award for amazing bloggers with … Continue reading Mystery blogger

Following a lifeline out of the dream of a life story

The dream that you call your life has an internal logic. Within the dream, it appears that this causes that and that causes this. If you subscribe to this internal logic rather than knowing, love and truth, you will keep the dream going. Keeping the dream going doesn't feel good, however. If you make feeling … Continue reading Following a lifeline out of the dream of a life story

The walls come tumbling down

The physical is a projection. It feels very real, with a power of its very own, and it was meant to be that way. It was meant to be a substitute for the power and innocence that you are. You substituted your experience of the physical in place of the knowing who and what you … Continue reading The walls come tumbling down

Power beyond all cause and effect

Wow! This one just blasted through and required deep honesty for the receiving of it. Feels like a deep cleanse and a very kind reorientation. 💜 Emanate. Feel the energy of that. Emanation is all you are capable of doing. You are Love, and your natural function is to extend love. The same is true of … Continue reading Power beyond all cause and effect