Meditation with Eliza Mozal

Collaborations are always so amazing! I have to thank my dear friend Eliza Mozal for her inspiration and flow in these beautiful experiences. If you are interested in collaborating with me on anything, let me know. It's always a joy! ­čĺÜ

A collaboration with Jim Rajan

Hello, readers! I'm pleased to share a guided meditation created in collaboration with the beautiful music and sound engineering of Jim Rajan. You can find Jim on Patreon, Insight Timer, and YouTube. I truly appreciate the ease and inspiration of working with Jim--so glad that he reached out and suggested that we collaborate! Jim's music … Continue reading A collaboration with Jim Rajan

Allowing the love we are to be extended into the illusion

When we remember that our very simple and always-shared power is to allow the simplicity of what actually is--love--to be extended into the illusion, we can refocus on this whenever needed to bring ourselves into alignment. Here are the statements I mention: Insert any quality of love that applies to your situation: Trust, love, peace, … Continue reading Allowing the love we are to be extended into the illusion

Guided meditation: The power of connection

Deepening our awareness of the power of our connection with all things. Music by Chris Zabriskie I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Photo by Ryan Wilson on Unsplash

Guided meditation: Transforming thoughts

When we meet stressful thoughts with and as the love and light we are, we can see clearly that we are the force that empowers thoughts and brings them into experience. When we're able to meet contracted or fearful thoughts with understanding and forgiveness, we're able to see through the illusion they represent to the … Continue reading Guided meditation: Transforming thoughts