Love’s Beginning: The Book

A friend of mine said I should publish my posts in a book, and this idea was born. (Thanks, Tracy!) As I was putting the book together, I abandoned the project for long periods of time. And then the idea would come again. I realized it only felt right when I allowed the book to be put together through me. This experience is teaching me how to stay in that setting of being guided.

You’ll notice that some posts are from the perspective of my nonphysical friends–more traditionally channeled. Others are in first-person. It seems to me that the information comes through either way, but there are those two voices in the posts.

If you would like to read Love’s Beginning in book form, start here. Audio, digital and print versions are coming in the future, and I will post when they are available. Thanks for reading! I love sharing the awakening experience with all of you. 🙏💚

Love’s Beginning

Love has no beginning and no end, right? So why would I call my blog and my first book-format collection of posts Love’s Beginning? There comes a point in a timeline, in an individual life, when one is willing to entertain and then accept, first the idea, and then the truth, that Love is all there is. That’s what this is all about.

Chapter 1 – Love’s Beginning
First we come to know that we are not who we think we are, and then we begin to remember the truth of who we are.
1.1 Love’s Beginning
1.2 A limited number of foot soldiers
1.3 Talking to you from who you truly are
1.4 We are here!
1.5 Three breaths

Chapter 2 – Moving down through the layers
As we are willing to explore uncomfortable feelings, we allow the remembrance of who we are to return to us.
2.1 The good news
2.2 Harmonic identity
2.3 The green phantom
2.4 I will not hide it
2.5 Move slowly through the day

Chapter 3 – Getting to the very heart of the dysfunction
When we look at mental disorders or negative experiences, they are reflecting our common dysfunction back to us for the purpose of healing.
3.1 Floating up to the surface
3.2 Tripping on toys
3.3 Waystation
3.4 Attention: Deficit Disorder
3.5 Projecting from sanity

Chapter 4 – Good vs. evil re-envisioned
As we allow our attachment to separation perception to unwind, we are invited to see through the duality of good vs. evil, forgiving  and undoing everything.
4.1 It’s as simple as breathing
4.2 Mind tugs
4.3 Welcome to the team
4.4 Practical reasons not to commit murder
4.5 The bad guys

Chapter 5 – The process of awakening
Moving through density into expansiveness.
5.1 Dismantle the wall
5.2 Echoes of the past
5.3 Feeling the impact of thoughts
5.4 Channeling
5.5 Life review

Chapter 6 -Interaction
Every interaction brings with it the opportunity to release what we are not and to bring more of what we are–Love–into daily expression.
6.1 Hush
6.2 Conversations
6.3 Giving and receiving
6.4 Giving and receiving meditation
6.5 The Truth of the Whole

Chapter 7 – Marry your opposites
When we find ways to bring opposites together or to see through them entirely, we witness the Whole.
7.1 You are so hot
7.2 Let love use form to inform
7.3 The good thing that makes the other ones bad
7.4 This and not that
7.5 Throwing a cloak over love

Chapter 8 – Moving from reaction to response
When you learn to see through the density that arises as reaction, you pave the way for response to enter your experience. Response heals.
8.1 Thorn in the foot
8.2 Responsibility
8.3 Opening your hands
8.4 Shine
8.5 Legoland

Chapter 9 – Playing the game
As we work through the layers of confusion, we come to recognize a gamelike aspect to this journey, and the trip Home becomes more lighthearted.
9.1 Virtual reality
9.2 Rise and shine
9.3 Forgetting to remember
9.4 Directionals.
9.5 A primer on form

Chapter 10 – Healing begins with ourselves
As we begin to accept healing for ourselves, it extends into our current experience and across time and space.
10.1 Returning history to love
10.2 Bubbles
10.3 Finding compassion
10.4 Resonance
10.5 Mind meld

Chapter 11 – Fear nothing, love everything
When you understand Oneness, and you feel that the everything wants to express itself through you in harmony with All That Is, there is nothing left to fear. 
11.1 Not not-me
11.2 Changing guidance
11.3 The now moment
11.4 I don’t fix anything
11.5 Allowing personalities the space to transform

Chapter 12 – Surrendering to the unknown
The unknown is Love–the only thing we have ever feared.
12.1 The voices
12.2 Invitations
12.3 Trust and step forward
12.4 True north
12.5 Resting in peace

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Love’s Beginning: The Book

  1. Julie, I am avidly waiting for this book to be made available in book form. Meanwhile, I am going through what you have provided, and this information has been beyond valuable in my daily life. Thank you and your team for the Clarity and the Guidance offered.


    Liked by 1 person

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