Day 10 – Thank all healing beings

Today you bow in gratitude to all the healing beings active in the healing drama you are experiencing. As you bow to all of them, you bow to your very own Self, and you bask in our Oneness.

During this last day of the Relationship Process, we ask that you take with you the certain knowledge that your separate identity, made by you, thought by thought, is a character in a healing drama. All of the separate identities that you have fashioned for the ones you call other are characters in a healing drama.  We ask that when you meet or think of another, you remember that the primary purpose of your connection is healing.

Healing brings clarity, so each interaction with the healing being in thought or in the physical can bring deeper clarity. If you judge the healing being as having qualities different from those of your character, as being better or worse in some way, you miss the gift of clarity they hold for you. We ask that you return to any of these processes whenever you don’t see the gift that another healing being is holding for you.

Find one who still represents dissonance for you.

First, thank the healing being who is working with you in thought:
[Name], thank you for working with me in thought today. I accept the gift of clarity you bring. 

You see that one as too much of something or not enough of something else. Complete one of the statements below, describing your perception of the healing being who represents dissonance for you. 

[Name] is too __________________________.
[Name] is not __________________________ enough.

Now watch your thoughts for 24 hours. Notice if you are evaluating yourself in that same way at any time.

You saw a flaw in one who appeared to be other. If you didn’t observe yourself seeing the same flaw in yourself during that 24 hours, ask for assistance:
Show me how what I believe about others is a smokescreen for what I believe about myself.

If you did observe yourself seeing this same flaw in yourself during that 24 hours, you have located an active belief. State the belief in terms of too much or not enough:

I see myself as too ____________________.
I see myself as not __________________ enough.

I release this active belief about my separate self to the angels who always surround me. Because I released it, loving thoughts take the place of what occupied my attention before. I allow loving thoughts to guide my speech and my actions. 

[Name], you showed me the exact burden I can release right now. I thank you for the role you play in this healing drama, and I am full of gratitude for the gift of clarity you deliver today.

When you thank a healing being for your release, they are not called upon to play their role as they have in what you perceive to be your past. They are released as you accept release, so it is always very beautiful work you are doing.

We thank you for moving through this relationship process, and we encourage you to recognize the value of what you have done today:
My work is whole, perfect and complete for today.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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