Ego’s 3D pen

While you did make the ego, the ego is not real, and its thoughts are not yours. Whenever you become aware of fear, remember that what the ego made is not real. There is no need to fear anything unreal, no matter how real it seems. Find your willingness to be shown how to distinguish the unreal from the Real. If it can change or end, it is not Real.

When you experience a negative feeling, remember this:
This feeling tells me that I am hearing a thought that is not mine.
I am willing to hear my own thoughts.

Your own thoughts are your true thoughts. They come from the One Self shared by all. They come in peace, and they come to guide you effortlessly. They come to bestow gifts that you can share with all. They always come with blessings. There is every reason to open your doors to your true thoughts. In order to open your doors to true thoughts, you must stop accepting the thoughts that ego offers. Get in the habit of questioning the truth of the thoughts that ego offers, and you will be able to distinguish between true and false more easily.

Ego works like a 3D pen. Thought is the raw material–the plastic that is used to make a world. Belief is the heat that makes the plastic malleable and able to take different forms. Your willingness to allow egoic thought to be in charge is what shoots the plastic out of the pen. You are in charge here.

If, instead of relying on the malleable form, treating it as if it is real, you rely upon what never changes, what is prior to any experience of making a world, all of the negative consequences experienced because of your guilt about making a world–all of those consequences vanish, because no one is worthy of punishment. No separate one is worthy of punishment, because there isn’t any separate one of you. Despite your fantasies, you remain whole–wholly worthy, wholly blessed, and wholly complete. You can and you will stop enacting fantasies of guilt.

Back to ego’s 3D pen. Once you have made form in this fantasy of guilt, the ego assigns meaning and value to the form. Any meaning or value that ego assigns to separate forms, whether it’s positive or negative, keeps you and all others condemned as separate ones imprisoned in bodies and consigned to death. So whether it’s a positive to attain or a negative to avoid, all egoic concepts are bars in the same prison. When you are asking what forms you prefer, you are asking if you prefer these prison bars or those prison bars over there. They have the same function.

Would you prefer your freedom instead? Your freedom is your unity, where you are joined with all and held in love, beyond all concept. Prefer what is beyond all concept, and be delivered from what you believe the concepts give you, whether it’s seen as good or bad.

The Light can take care of meaning and value. You just need to remember that meaning and value are up to the Light, not the false identity you see as yourself, not the alien voice you invented. The narrator of false and separate identity is untrustworthy, but another narrator is present. It only requires your willingness to hear the narrator that will guide you out of your guilty fantasy of opposing forms.

We stay with you always, no matter which voice you hear. Thank you for your willingness to hear Truth’s voice.

Photo by Alex Ovs on Unsplash

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