Remove your hands and make demands

Today we invite you to notice how the separate identity is tied up with seeing a world of separate objects and separate people–a world with individual volition. The idea of separate identity is inextricably caught up with the idea of physical cause and effect. The belief in physical cause and effect produces the sense of individual threat. Notice also how identifying as a separate character subject to physical cause and effect produces a storyline where some characters are labeled fortunate and some unfortunate. Identifying as a character leaves you feeling that you must struggle to avoid unfortunate consequences. Identifying as a separate character leaves you in a state of instability, but there is a state of utter stability always available to you.

Think for a moment of the sense of individual volition being absent or not real. Does anything kick up there internally? Is there any fight or resistance there? To hang onto one’s sense of individual volition to to hang onto guilt. To hang onto guilt is to hang onto separate identification. To hang onto separate identification is to hang onto a sense of fundamental instability. To hang onto a sense of fundamental instability is to deny who you are. This is the purpose for which time was made. Time was made–by you, in thought–in order to provide an experience of successive moments in which you deny who you are.

As you seem to walk around today, notice any stressful thoughts, and then notice what you are believing is separate. Are you believing the characters are separate? Are you believing the characters are defective in any way? Are you believing in a physical cause and effect that you must struggle against? Are you believing in a physical cause and effect that puts the well-being of characters at risk? When you notice what you believe, you can stop and ask for correction. Soon you will notice that nothing the world can offer you–no sweet, no excitement, no lure–can compare with being assisted out of your own limiting beliefs.

Make the connection between the separate identities–the belief in the characters, the belief in physical cause and effect–and the stressful thoughts. You cannot have a stressful thought without a prior belief in separate characters subject to a world of physical cause and effect. Are you bold enough to offer up this belief in separate characters with individual volition? If we hold a tray out, will you place this belief upon it and take your hands off it? Take a moment to place this belief on the tray. Remove your hands. Now go ahead and make demands of us: Show me what is Real today. I want to know what is Real.

Because the ego needs a belief in guilt to keep it going, it will kick up against questioning this idea of separate identity. For smooth function, ego needs the belief in guilt and in separate identity to stay strong. You will not believe the thoughts ego sends without the foundational belief. So ask to see what is Real. Demand it of us. We are happy to comply.

When you notice that your belief in physical cause and effect is strong or disturbing, call upon us again. There we are with our tray. Be bold enough to place the whole belief in physical cause and effect upon the tray. Remove your hands. Make demands: Show me what is Real. I want to know what is Real. We are happy to assist you in experiencing the relief and ease that comes from surrendering the false.

Stressful thoughts sustain the experience of separateness, but only as long as you believe them. Stressful thoughts are fundamentally tied to the belief in separate identity (and therefore separate value) and physical cause and effect. You have no need of stressful thoughts. Ego would tell you that belief in stressful thoughts keep a character safe. See through this lie. What you are is safety itself. You are and always have been safe. See through the story of the character that ego feeds you. Stop valuing the story of the character. Value what is real.

We stand by all of you perpetually, always ready with our trays. Give us what you don’t need. Make demands. Ask to see what is Real instead. It is our neverending delight to show you.

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

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