Keep your focus on the Real

If you don’t judge, you don’t judge the thoughts you hear. There is a phase of realization that you don’t need to judge the world that springs up seemingly outside of you, that judgment is a habit. But then there is still the idea that individual thoughts have particular qualities and say something about a separate you.

It is a discovery to see that thoughts believed relate to the world you see outside of yourself, but then there is still the idea that you are wrong in some way and need a better set of thoughts. This idea still rests upon polarity and separation. There is still judgment of a thinker as being at fault or deserving of praise.

Are thoughts yours? Do you want to claim them for a separate and fictional self? And then you can judge this fictional self on the basis of the thoughts you call yours. You can attach to thoughts or not. We tell you today that it matters not at all what thoughts come into the field of your awareness. They come into a pristine and impossible-to-pollute place. It is only when you attach to thoughts and believe them that you make illusions of pollution, deficiency and guilt.

Now here’s the paradox. When you know that it matters not at all what seems to roll into the field of your awareness, and that everyone’s field of awareness is just as pristine, you are troubled less by confusing visitors. They do tend to stop knocking at your door because they know they won’t get believed. They also won’t get a fearful reaction from you, which is just as good. If a thought can cause a struggle or a judgment, that’s just as much of a party as being wholeheartedly believed and enacted.

When disturbing thoughts become inert and nonsensical, you leave room. You leave room for inspiration to flow. You’re able to hear what you blocked out before.

All apparent disturbance–and it appears in thought before it appears in the physical–is always surrounded by the beauty, love and grace that you are. It is only when you separate a thought out and elevate it to a status of importance that you forget that all is easily dissolved in what you are. You simply put your attention upon it. When you put your attention on what you are, you direct your attention toward what all others are. When you do this, you are focused upon harmony. Now that is Real. Keep your focus on the Real, and all resolves itself.

When you attach to a thought in a way that would cause you to defend it, you are raising the separate personality to a Real status in your eyes. This is making war.

We’ll stop here. We’ll stop because it really looked like the ones in political office and the ones running around with guns and bombs were making war. We’re using the past tense because you can’t unsee this.  It looked like the ones making business deals were making war. But it’s always everyone together. Those guys that seem to be the ones “doing” the war or causing the war are simply enacting the types and qualities of thoughts everyone is believing. They are providing you a helpful picture of what is going on in the Mind, in all of the connected minds believing they are separate, so you have a chance to find peace today. Thank them. Always thank them for what they are showing you, and take a moment to see that each of them has direct and powerful access to the love we all are.

Everyone has access to Mind. Everyone is capable of healing minds. Everyone has that power because everyone is that power. We invite you to walk around within the projected physical illusion today knowing the power that each one is, knowing the innocence that each one is.

When you look at what you all actually are, that is completely healed, right now. It’s only these perceptions layered seemingly on top of what you are that would cause you to believe something needs to be healed. Part of the healing journey is realizing nothing needed to be fixed. You just needed to see that everything was already okay. When you wake up and realize that your nightmare is over, it’s over. You don’t have to enact stage plays about it.

Today, we invite you to notice any time you are referring to a separate and fictional identity for yourself or for others. Notice how you project out those identities for others. Notice how seeming to build a superior or inferior identity for another seems to shore up your own sense of separate identity. It doesn’t matter if it’s shoring up negativity or positivity. It just seems to make your separate identity very real. Notice that you are only believing in the separate identities. That is all. They are not Real. This is why you cannot have an enemy, but you can have a believed experience of having an enemy.

When you are tuned in at the level of separate identity,  you are then looking at what blocks love–illusion instead of Reality. As long as time exists, do you want to spend it on nothing at all or on something? Illusions are nothing. Love is everything. When you stay tuned in at the level of illusion, you’re making more time. Time is here for you until you don’t need it anymore. We’re encouraging you to set down the crutch. You don’t need illusion. You don’t need to manipulate illusions. You don’t need to chase after illusions.

A nice side effect of staying tuned in at the level of Reality (instead of at the level of the illusions you have built on top of it) is joy and peace. So if you need a sales job, there it is. Do it for yourself, and you’re still doing it for your Self–for everyone. Your focus is the most powerful thing you have. It’s no small thing.

Today, observe the thoughts you hear and accept as your own and either troublesome or believable. What illusory structures are you building? It requires only a moment to pause, and you always have a moment. The whole time you are building illusory structures, what are you standing upon? You are always standing upon a very firm foundation of love, peace and joy, but you may have built up a nest of illusions that seems to give you a very different experience.

We’d like you to pay attention to a shining star of illusory experience today. This one is called “I have to get this done!” This darling is one of ego’s greatest hits. When believed, it gets you rolling along, believing similar thoughts, but you can never give yourself these kinds of experiences without your agreement. You are the one giving these experiences to yourself. It’s not fault because there is no Real deficiency of any kind. It’s only a chosen perception.

What illusions are you projecting into a future? Would it be okay to simply stay at Home today, radiating the Harmony, Strength and Power you are, rather than rushing off to spawn more illusions? When you stay at Home–in the Reality of who you and all others truly are, unceasingly–you may be busy or still. It truly matters not. All that needs to be accomplished will be accomplished, but there is never a frantic voice driving the accomplishment. There’s just a gentle trust in the flow. There’s an ease in the enactment of what feels good.

When you catch yourself projecting a future, is it a future with others as they truly are?  Or is it a future with others as accessories to prove what you insist upon, positive or negative? There is no wrongdoing here. There is only confusion, only habit. With assistance, you can clean that up easily, and that is why we are here.

Just notice the thoughts you believe. Remember that belief is optional. Remember that plentiful perception-clearing assistance always surrounds you. Signify to us that you are willing to accept our assistance and get your free energetic massage at any time you need it today. Give us some work to do! It is our joy, and yours.

Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash


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