Seeing what Is

When someone comes to you in a form you think you don’t like, there is a thought at the foundation of this experience: I’d rather be distracted by what you aren’t than see you as you Are. Any irritation or impatience with a situation or with a person–you feel it because of your commitment to seeing things as they aren’t rather than as they Are and always have been underneath a changing surface.

There is a hymn, the Gloria Patri, that points you to the eternal:
As it was in the beginning
Is now and ever shall be

Everything you perceive as separate can point you to the eternal, if you decide that the depth within it is its purpose and its meaning.

If you are experiencing irritation, frustration, or impatience, you can always turn the bus around. You can always turn the boat around. You can go within to find the spark of willingness that can never die. You can find that spark of light, and from that place you can say, “I am willing to see you as you truly Are, because I am willing to see myself as I truly Am.”

Here is what the feeling of irritation means: I am committed to seeing everything as it isn’t. You can go into the heart of this commitment and break the contract, no matter how many times it seems you have to do it. The lure of the unreal grows weaker and weaker as you realize that you have been consistently distracting yourself away from something very beautiful.

“I am willing to see you as you truly Are, because I am willing to see myself as I truly Am.” By seeing the equal, pure heart within everything, you restore the heart to everything.

“I am willing to see you as you truly Are, because I am willing to see myself as I truly Am.” You can say this about persons. You can say this about countries. You can say this about a dilapidated home. You have no need for strife anymore. You have no need for opposites. You can look to the sameness within everyone and everything. As you remember to look, you activate it in your experience.

Imagine you are standing outside a dilapidated home, and you have the intention to fix it. But instead you pause. You look at the home. You focus here: “I am willing to see you as you truly Are, because I am willing to see myself as I truly Am.” Does this mean you will never raise a hammer? It only means, while you still use thought to give yourself physical experiences, that you remember to use the power of blessing consistently. Bless everyone and everything with the knowledge of sameness and purity alive within, and the safety of sameness is what you experience.

If there is no dilapidation in the light you Are, why would you see a form of it outside yourself? You see it because there is a false idea of dilapidation within. Today is for letting go of false ideas. It is not for striving for surface perfection. It’s about pausing to notice the perfection within, pausing to attune with that perfection, and then allowing that perfection to guide your way.

We are here in the perfection, with you. It is our joy to see you relax into what is real and here for you now.

Photo by Rachel Cook on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Seeing what Is

  1. Do we attune to perfection within by just stepping back and feeling that peace inside? And waiting for it to guide us? Not searching for surface perfection and connecting to it within – is so simple and powerful. Thank YOUUUUU

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