Practice 32 – I release the false

Today you access a willingness to release all that is not needed. In accessing that willingness, you will look right through form–what your senses experience and what judgment interprets–to what you Are, and you will allow the expression of your Self through the form.

Begin a three-minute meditation with:
I release the false

All that causes pain and suffering, all misperception–find your willingness to let it go now. Sit quietly in the assurance that you are loved and cared for.

If anything arises to disturb the peace you are, note that it is temptation. Remind yourself:
I release the false

False concepts stop visiting when they are never given a welcome. First you become more aware of false concepts, and then their visits become less frequent. Know that all is perfect as it now, and everyone is supported.

Finish the meditation and step into your day with:
I release the false

You don’t need what never was, and your willingness to experience peace of mind will give you the clarity to act and speak from the Wholeness of you today.

If anything arises that doesn’t feel good, remember that you are encountering a temptation to believe a thought that is not true.  Ground yourself with:
I release the false

We are your celestial clean-up crew, and we are always there to remove what you have decided to release so you don’t have to stumble over it anymore. We are ever-present, always supporting you in clarity of mind and joy in the life you and all others are.

For further reading, see Abiding in unlimited Self

Photo by Anthony Rossbach on Unsplash

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