Abiding in unlimited Self

Allow this to be a day of releasing attachments. Anywhere you feel tension or contraction, you have tied your Self down, but only in thought. Your Self is always truly unlimited, but when you become attached to that which is false, you attempt to draw a limit around the Self and to play with limits in endless forms. You are being called to the unlimitedness that is your Self, and you are invited to stay in that awareness at all times.
As you experience your Self as unlimited, it will be reflected back to you in the world of form. The forms themselves don’t mean anything and have no value, but you will experience greater ease in experiencing this feeling of unlimitedness with those you perceive to be other.

We invite you to focus upon attachments in the form of body identity today. You will find that wherever you are attached to a thought that disturbs, you must necessarily believe that you are a body to believe the thought. We are going right into the structure of thought that protects a separate personality. We’re undoing all of the attachments, and we’re opening you up to the truth of unlimitedness, of creation, of ever-expansiveness, of ease. As you release the false and open up to the true, you can share Truth with others.

Notice. Whenever there is a feeling of contraction, you are being offered body identity. You can accept it or not. It is as if you allow yourself to be scammed every day, but you are never a victim. You are simply listening to a machine that sends you the same message in many forms over and over and over. You are the inventor of the machine. The machine of ego keeps you in separation perception.

We call ego a machine to help you see that you invented it, and also to help you see that it is nothing. Ego is not an alive and powerful foe to fight. The only power ego has is the power you give it. Because you are very powerful, because mind is very powerful, ego can be experienced as a very powerful force–but only because what you are is a very powerful force.  Ego cannot run without the power you are. As you begin to see what a powerful force you are, you can also see the mistake you made in allowing perception to be run through the filter of ego and then returned to you in chaotic form. When you see the mistake you made, you can allow its correction. Simply don’t fight to keep distorted perception, and distorted perception will be removed from you. Your only job is not to cling to distortion.

As you choose not to accept body as identity, the distraction of the personality structure eases. Your belief in all of the thoughts and beliefs that have been used to make a separate personality weakens and vanishes. You get many invitations to accept body identity in the form of judgments. Here is where forgiveness is your aid. If you believe a separate one can do harm or can be defective or can be superior to you, then you believe in separate ones. We ask you to set this belief in the light today. Set it in the light, let go of it, and see what happens to it. This is forgiveness–releasing your false self by releasing the false self of others. Forgiveness is coming into the light–seeing the innocence, power and strength of the True Self, and knowing that’s truly all that is.

As you ease away from body identity, the distraction of the personality structure of your fellow beings eases.  You stop seeing them as personalities. You stop being concerned with actions and speech. As they lose value and meaning for you, something else comes into view. It’s their very being, and that being is always shared with yours. Nothing else is more powerful and more compelling than what we all are, and that becomes the most important thing. In interactions, you are guided by that being, and others feel that resonance because you are allowing guidance from what they truly are, too. All of us can hear the call from what we are. We never lose that ability. It’s helpful when our friends turn up the volume for us. By seeing all others as they truly are, you turn up that volume, and if you do it for others, you do it for yourself.

We are delighted to see you looking through form, fully expecting to see joy and innocence because you are certain now that it is there to see. We are always with you, always assisting with clarity of vision whenever you allow it. Ask for help whenever you need it, and know we are here.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 32 – I release the false

Photo by Anthony Rossbach on Unsplash

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