A Course in Forgetting: Clean energy source

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There is a clean energy source from which you can always draw. We can even let go of the idea of drawing from it. You, as your most essential self, are it, and so is everyone you call else.

In remembering your beautiful, clean energy source, you can drop the idea of drawing from separate things that appear in a world projected from fear. In considering your always-abundant energy source, see it as a bed of light underneath everything you seem to see. As you truly are, you abide in this light, joined eternally with all, truly the same as all.

Remember this, as you consider the worldly characteristics of one you call other. The worldly characteristics you observe, you observe because you have asked to observe them. The worldly characteristics you observe can neither elevate nor depreciate this being. This being is simply and purely one with you now, in the clean energy source.

This clean energy source where you are joined with all in endless abundance is your eternal reference point. Let this be the source of everything you experience. Allow the clean energy source to power what you are perceiving. You are blessed, and as you are blessed, all are blessed.

Photo by Nikola Majksner on Unsplash

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