Trust builds

When you realize that the projected nightmare of opposites makes no sense, that’s when you are willing to hand it over. You eventually see that the world you are projecting sends you reeling back and forth between falsities, and none of it has ever made sense. This is when you are willing to surrender, to stop fighting. This is when you are willing to get to know you and all as you truly are, not as you have been seeing everything in feverish dreams.

There is nothing of the world that can be relied upon, but what you allow to shine into and through every facet of the world you experience can be relied upon entirely at all times. Every time you feel a twinge of discomfort of any kind, you are attempting to rely upon a world projected with egoic thought, trying to find your stability there in nothingness. Give thanks for the alarm of emotion that lets you know you have gotten confused. Give thanks for the moment when you can affirm that you are willing to allow your mind to be cleansed of all confusion.

Dare to take your fingers off judgment. Ego tells you very consistently that you need judgment to navigate through the world. Now you are willing to look at this foundational belief that you as a separate one need judgment, that there is something that guidance will not take care of for you. Judgment causes pain. It is a relief to see that you never needed what only caused pain.

Your gaze need not be off judgment for more than a moment, but soon you will grow accustomed to leaving it off judgment. You are seeing that personal judgment is not and never has been your friend. Seeing this, you become willing to abandon it as a coping mechanism. There is something present here that never leads to pain. It will lead you through your perception of pain, showing you that what you thought was real was never real–only a perception that you chose. You are entirely safe in this experience, always upheld by love.

Whenever you look at you-as-separate or other-as-separate and you see something that disturbs, ask this: Am I seeing what ego would make of this one, or am I seeing what God knows this one is? When you find your willingness to see this shining light in everyone without exception, you find your willingness to be guided in every moment by what is Real and eternal.

Trust builds–trust in what is here for you and all right now. As you rely upon what is Real to guide you, all worry and concern over those you call other leaves you. You trust that they are carried in the same way, in the same love in which you are carried. All you do is watch as love unfolds and experience yourself as a participant in love’s unfolding.

Is is our delight to glimmer and then shine as your foundation in the light, and then to see you find yourself and all you call other right here with us.

Photo by Tim Zänkert on Unsplash

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