Sameness is Here The light is behind everything. The ego sees opposing surfaces and judges them. The ego sees and evaluates surfaces, sorting them into "I want" and "I don't want." These are actually the same thing--attachment to and valuing the manufactured surfaces you see in a world. When you are valuing a surface, you are ignoring … Continue reading Sameness is Here

A loving constellation is a living constellation Instead of depending on the perception of separate others, you can depend on God. God can inspire all, so what you see is a loving constellation. You are accustomed to depending upon your own perception, the one you invented, the one that can only come from disorder. You perceive nothing real, and you keep … Continue reading A loving constellation is a living constellation

A path without suffering God provides a script we can follow. There is always a path to follow that holds no distress, no tension, and no judgment. For a while,you think the path of judgment and tension gives you something reality can't, so you attempt to follow it. As you feel through the layers of lies to which … Continue reading A path without suffering

Light it up Resolution of problems is a service you allow to be performed for you. If there is any sense of a separate you with a burden of a problem--a problem you must solve--then rest for a moment and remember that solutions are plentiful and are given to all freely. Solutions are made obvious. Every seeming … Continue reading Light it up

Knowing will carry you Knowing will carry you. It's not your knowing--a knowing that belongs to a separate you or a separate anyone else. It's a knowing from Spirit--from our unified identity, that can be expressed through anyone or anything as you allow it. Depending on this universal knowing is always safe. Any feeling of stress or tension … Continue reading Knowing will carry you

Inward Don't be afraid to get into your core hostilities. While they are not truly yours, they seem to be until you have looked upon them with the love of Spirit. If you hide from your core hostilities, you hide from your belief that you are unworthy, which you could release instead. The presence of … Continue reading Inward

Forever peace Wanting someone's approval is wanting judgment. If you want anyone at all to see you in a specific way, you are asking them to see you as separate. Then it is guaranteed that you will see them as separate. You cannot yearn for approval without the presence of tension, so let your awareness of … Continue reading Forever peace

Fulfillment We'd like to talk to you about the phrase "get your hopes up." Look at this idea that the appearance of something in form can offer you fulfillment. We are here to tell you that your fulfillment, and the fulfillment of all, is here and now, and it is always available to you. When … Continue reading Fulfillment

Follow love in all things I was given this song to start with: There is less and less for you to do. It just gets done. Your way is obvious. Your path is clear. No matter how many complications seem to clutter up your pathway, presence dissolves each one. There is nothing for you to manage because your … Continue reading Follow love in all things

All I want I was given a song to begin this message, and I spent some time listening to ego call it silly. I did, however, eventually set that aside and listen. All you need to see is the true Self of everyone. Let every love song be a hymn to this one of us, and … Continue reading All I want