A Course in Forgetting: A shared document

https://youtu.be/eTFJkELAYlQ One morning last week, this message came through: This is a course in forgetting. This is a course in remembering that the past isn’t real so you can allow the world to come alive all around you. Instead of what you wanted to see in hate, you now allow the world to show you … Continue reading A Course in Forgetting: A shared document

The shroud disappears

https://youtu.be/QCSPfQAfgbo You can't rely upon what feels so awful anymore. It's too clear not to. As you go deeper into witnessing the insanity that egoic thoughts offer, you come to see that it has taught you to regard everyone without exception as your sworn enemy. Do not leave anyone out. Mothers, fathers spouses, children, friends--ego … Continue reading The shroud disappears

Just want good for everyone

https://youtu.be/5rVw0_CQFcg Every form perceived is just a lamp. If you are in a dark room, you only want the light to go on. You're not particular about what the lamp looks like or the past you perceive for the lamp. A lamp is just a means of illumination. You are Light meeting Light, always. You … Continue reading Just want good for everyone

The essential nature of everyone

https://youtu.be/he6CnKxURDs There are many ways to receive guidance. In some cases, writing down what is heard can help to keep the channel open. In other cases, walking or another activity can help keep the channel open. Activity will be used by Spirit as it is appropriate. The point is, is that a channel opens, and … Continue reading The essential nature of everyone

Words of celebration

https://youtu.be/04owZAVYJE4 Pay attention to any sense of threat that arises during the day. Can you catch it before it becomes anything specific, meaningful, or believable? That sense of threat is the indicator that you are attached to the idea that all of the seeming threats within this illusion are real. Question the reality of all … Continue reading Words of celebration

Jesus and Julie: Crucifixion, defect perception, and anger as fantasy protection

https://youtu.be/ECc0KNMx75U It's always a nice day for undoing, isn't it? Jesus gets the italics in this conversation. We begin with a song: https://youtu.be/-YqrBSNOPaI Why do you always pick songs that make me cry like a baby? Gotta soften you up before the kill. Bring up all of the old roles and then allow them to … Continue reading Jesus and Julie: Crucifixion, defect perception, and anger as fantasy protection

Releasing the mind frenzy, allowing the divine

https://youtu.be/c6dbpbeuGRc We wish to speak about frenzy in the mind. At times you can become aware of a frenzy in the mind, like an agitated program running. At this point, you will be tempted to call your separate self crazy. You're right. All the separate selves were originally made of the stuff of insanity, but … Continue reading Releasing the mind frenzy, allowing the divine

Julie, meet Jesus: Part 2

https://youtu.be/FXaKTWDkog4 It softens It softens into gratitude for all the help that is being made available It softens into listening It softens into celebration of all met and all thought of without exception It softens into acceptance of all the lessons It softens into seeing all as I Am, not as we appear to be … Continue reading Julie, meet Jesus: Part 2

Julie, meet Jesus

https://youtu.be/FXaKTWDkog4 I'm annoyed. I'm very annoyed right now. Instead of my very floaty, beautiful light friends coming to me in the shower, Jesus showed up. Actually, I just typed "Jesus came," but then I thought that writing "Jesus came in the shower" would be kind of dirty. My new instructions are blunt honesty and share … Continue reading Julie, meet Jesus

Light up the path

https://youtu.be/S4mUtGzL9uU Time is really stretchy. Truly, time isn't, as in it doesn't exist. But given into the hands of Spirit, time loses all of the rigidity that you still believe it needs to have. Consider how perceived structures in time and space seem to lend order and safety and predictability to your experience. Consider how … Continue reading Light up the path