Time at your service

https://youtu.be/8r0ubifGk_8 Consider time the pathway that reunites you with your True Self. Everything with a linear focus can be used in the service of healing, so you are not time's enemy. You are that one who will see through time entirely, but until that point, time can be put in the hands of those who … Continue reading Time at your service

The happiest use of time

https://youtu.be/V9l0EWmSyc8 Time used to be a hiding place for you. It was a place for enacting your fantasy role as a separate one with autonomy. Time was a stage upon which what the separate one wanted played out. Now time is a means of teaching you. Time is a means of teaching you that time … Continue reading The happiest use of time

Carrying the light

https://youtu.be/wdYRuy9MPpY You are not here to play with illusions. Any moment of boredom, fatigue, anger or worry means that you are busy at play with illusions. These feelings states are not caused by something real. We invite you to see through the unreal today. Ask for help in seeing through the unreal, and it always … Continue reading Carrying the light

Allowing the shining reflection of the Real

https://youtu.be/q6b1sTbT4XI When you think you are doing in this world, nothing is really happening. When you are identifying as an ego that places much importance upon the physical and its seeming meaning and value, this idea of doing nothing is shocking. The value in realizing that the physical, as the egoic identity uses it, is … Continue reading Allowing the shining reflection of the Real

Thought alters at the altar

https://youtu.be/AvApQ-WMCkI What alters thought? Willingness alters thought. We encourage you to imagine willingness as a spot within you, as a particular setting. We encourage you to spend time in this spot, to visit it often. When you are in willingness, it is not willingness for or toward a particular thing. It is a blessed openness … Continue reading Thought alters at the altar

The truth about Truth

https://youtu.be/bxhtsXwHnnA You have access to Truth at all times. Nothing can keep you from your access to Truth. The only thing that can obscure Truth to you is your own preference. It is essential that you understand the power you are as you awaken. Although you can fantasize about being hurt or manipulated, the only … Continue reading The truth about Truth

Mind is a printer of experience

https://youtu.be/xFPmX1L6LBM You are safe in the present. The ego thinks it dies in the present, and it does. It dissolves into nothingness. It has no fuel here. Go into the the feeling of restlessness for a moment. This feeling means that you are believing lies sent from ego. Ego's objective is to keep you believing … Continue reading Mind is a printer of experience

A great blessing

https://youtu.be/qX82rWHM3qQ You will be born anew. Experience is coming to you, at your request, that helps you to see through who you thought you were. It helps you to see through who you thought everyone else is. This is very good news. The good news is here because you wanted it more than you wanted … Continue reading A great blessing

Allowing the collapse of time

https://youtu.be/7iT0etGu-c4 When you allow a miracle, you allow Reality--that which is not of this fantasy world--to come into this world and to rearrange it. You allow what truly is to come into your fantasy and to rearrange its seeming parts for the benefit of all. You allow miracles by dropping judgments and by staying open … Continue reading Allowing the collapse of time

Shining simplicity

https://youtu.be/y8CYzmv1TPI You can only receive two kinds of thought. You can either receive Truth or lies. You are accustomed to hearing lies and to believing that the lies are meaningful. Now your task is to understand which thoughts are lies and to look at them in the light until you can see that they actually … Continue reading Shining simplicity