Flow doesn’t hurt

https://youtu.be/hU7ajHU3jGk You are waking up to what is Real, and as you do so, waking up becomes about understanding clearly what hurts and what doesn't. When it becomes obvious to you that you suffer by choice, not because of what seems to be happening to you, you are willing to understand how that choice is … Continue reading Flow doesn’t hurt

Allowing the wiring to be redone

https://youtu.be/axfKjmAS27s Think of the mind as having certain routes and pathways, certain relationships among various thoughts. Now think of opening that structure up to the celestial electrician, saying, "Do what you will with it. All of my thoughts are open to you. Arrange everything here to your liking. Nothing is off limits." Your willingness to … Continue reading Allowing the wiring to be redone

The lesson is always yours

https://youtu.be/lfQfQKCN-D4 In every moment, there is a lesson. If the lesson is always yours, the opportunity is always yours. You are experiencing an illusion, but it is always your opportunity to recognize the illusion for what it is, and to allow the light all are to shine through it. No matter what seems to be … Continue reading The lesson is always yours

No separate meaning or value

https://youtu.be/9GNHeHR-A-U Each day is a chance for the deep, dark horror of your most secret thoughts to be revealed. There is a layer of thinking underneath those surface thoughts that is vicious and terrifying, but it's only terrifying if you do not know how to look at those thoughts. We are looking upon those thoughts … Continue reading No separate meaning or value

The world of your thanking

https://youtu.be/gxnAZ2pKDZ4 There isn't just one world for you to clamp down on and perfect. Imagine trying to hug someone who isn't there. Your arms would go right through that space where you thought a body was. In your experience of the world, you give everything seeming substance with your thought. You aren't able to touch … Continue reading The world of your thanking

The roof of the aviary

https://youtu.be/u2Rl7ZekXRA You can try to judge, but you can't. We draw your attention to judgments you make during your day. Even a day is a judgment! You are remembering a past concept of a day and are assuming that this concept will repeat itself in your experience. You gain a sense of safety and security … Continue reading The roof of the aviary

All characters point toward Home

https://youtu.be/3BLHCKIrliM Your willingness to feel is key. No matter what seems to be happening around you, your willingness to feel what you are feeling and to have associated thoughts uncovered is essential to your healing. This means that you give the world, along with everything in it, a break. Nothing in and of the world … Continue reading All characters point toward Home

You don’t have to fear any future

https://youtu.be/L9qSZUVWvt8 Sometimes the journey out of illusion seems long and arduous to you. Remember that the story about the journey and its seeming qualities can be taken over by ego. When you think about emerging out of illusion with all of your divine siblings, how does it feel? Is there any disquiet? Any hopelessness? Any … Continue reading You don’t have to fear any future

Repost: Allowing illusion to wash away

This is a repost from September 5, 2018. https://youtu.be/JIf-RQtnLb8 Good morning. Time to wake up! We know you are physically awake, but that doesn’t count in this game. Time for the awakening that counts! You all are a bit like sleepyheads in the morning. You cling to sleep at times, dozing off and mumbling at … Continue reading Repost: Allowing illusion to wash away

Let go of the balloon

https://youtu.be/0vTFmuMb4vU Whenever you experience a sense of disturbance, you are believing a lie about yourself and all others. In these moments you are using the resources available to you to block awareness of what you and all Are, which would heal everything quite simply. Remember, in these moments, that you are Peace itself. With your … Continue reading Let go of the balloon