Allow the change Change is a blessing. The part of you that wants to hold things in place, keep things the same, keep people and events away from you--that part is the part that doesn't exist. It seems real because it sends thoughts to you, but it is a hallucination. As you stop identifying with it, you … Continue reading Allow the change

A reference point and Home It is not your fault. Wherever you have been finding fault on the outer, it is not your fault or theirs. Finding fault is always about the observer and the observed. The observer judges, finds a flaw, and finds a locus for the flaw. What if all divisions are imaginary? What of this playacting … Continue reading A reference point and Home

No dam exists In order to be able to disregard messages from ego, you need to be able to feel how its messages are messages of hate and unrest. Since the ego is not you or anyone else, there is no problem in recognizing that all of its messages bring feelings of fear and hate. Even its … Continue reading No dam exists

Easy and obvious path "Can you make this easy and obvious?" is a good request to make. "Can you make this easy and obvious," directed to Spirit, grants Spirit permission to move all blocks out of your way. When you feel stress or tension, you are holding your blocks firmly in your way. You are clinging to them … Continue reading Easy and obvious path

Choosing authority over tyranny When there is a lack of peace, ego is telling a story, and you're listening and believing. Knowing this is important. Lack of peace is caused always by a story, never by reality. Perceived conditions cannot be a reality. In truth, they are very flexible. Reality is changeless always, thus very reliable in all … Continue reading Choosing authority over tyranny

Safety in right-now unity It runs what it runs until it doesn't run it anymore. Ego sends beliefs about being in charge of and controlling certain specific things that are not Real. Ego provides a perception of time and fills time up with perception of being in charge and controlling as a separate one. Now look at this: … Continue reading Safety in right-now unity

Leading you out of this world One of the jobs of your fellows is highlighting your attachment to thought-lies so you can let them go. You are all highlighter markers for each other: "You believe this. And this. And this. I am showing this belief to you so you can let it go." This is why it is easy to … Continue reading Leading you out of this world

The Flow is always the solution The only thing you can judge is how you feel. Let that sink in. When you recognize this, you distinguish between the Real and the unreal. You allow true solutions in--solutions in which no one loses. You have a habitual posture of tensing up to defend against a world. Thoughts of ego have taught … Continue reading The Flow is always the solution

New, clean, and open That part of you that is exhausted and can go no further is not you. You can safely leave it by the side of the road. When you feel exhausted, this is useful. There is something you can leave behind--something you have been dragging with you for all of time. As you leave what … Continue reading New, clean, and open

You Are that abundance Your needs are fulfilled Now by what you can dive into Now. Every need you have right now is fulfilled now. Everything else is a story that ego is telling. Through training and practice, you learn to recognize ego's storytelling as nothing, affecting nothing real. The heaviness you feel in your heart is the … Continue reading You Are that abundance