Follow love in all things I was given this song to start with: There is less and less for you to do. It just gets done. Your way is obvious. Your path is clear. No matter how many complications seem to clutter up your pathway, presence dissolves each one. There is nothing for you to manage because your … Continue reading Follow love in all things

All I want I was given a song to begin this message, and I spent some time listening to ego call it silly. I did, however, eventually set that aside and listen. All you need to see is the true Self of everyone. Let every love song be a hymn to this one of us, and … Continue reading All I want

Looking through fiction to fact All power is encompassed in this instant. All true power is benign and wholly shared. All power is accessible to all in this moment. Ego thoughts would contradict these truths, and tension tells you that you listen to ego as it contradicts truth. When you listen to and believe thoughts from ego, you would … Continue reading Looking through fiction to fact

By your election By your election, by your choice, you view what you want to view. Drop every surface label and analysis, and go down to where you are the same as all. This is what you have been trying to escape. Any stress, any tension--it always seems to be about and caused by the surface drama. … Continue reading By your election

Giving permission Ego finds danger in separate aspects of a world. Ego finds safety in the same. You are noticing that there is unrest in attempting to locate anything at all within separate aspects. At the same time, though, safety is shining through everything you see as separate. You only have to look up and notice. … Continue reading Giving permission

Being led to the last illusion Reflections of death seemingly outside of you point back to your certainty that death is real, and that it's a final triumph over God. That is the original point of this world--to prove that death is real, to enact a drama in which fear and pain and death are more powerful than what you … Continue reading Being led to the last illusion

You believe the thoughts they express You can also listen on Spotify, Rumble, & BitChute. People who argue with you are presenting you with the thoughts you believe. We know it seems as if you believe opposite thoughts, but really--what's the difference? All of the opposing thoughts are about an illusion, not a reality. Look a little deeper, though. Let's … Continue reading You believe the thoughts they express

Beyond the distraction to the answer You can also listen on Spotify, Rumble, and BitChute. The journey back to yourself can feel like a progressive peeling back of all of the layers of defense that you see as useful. So with each step you take toward peace, you face a piece of yourself that believes that to turn toward peace … Continue reading Beyond the distraction to the answer

Being wrong is good news You can also listen on Spotify, Rumble, and BitChute.Truth is always very helpful to you--not a relative truth about perception, but the essential Truth of all that is. Whenever you feel disquiet, you are denying Truth and attempting to assert a relative truth about perception. It's just a habit--a habit that comes from the … Continue reading Being wrong is good news

Now shines through You can also listen on Rumble & Spotify 💚 You have become accustomed to believing that the thoughts from ego give you some semblance of safety. They seem to give you a handhold, a definition, a means of orientation. We are here to show you that reliance on what is Real provides all that … Continue reading Now shines through