Allowing the mystification to go Hey, it's your old pal, Jesus. In another tradition I might go by another name, but for now I'll be Jesus. I appear to you in this form for good reason, and I only ask for your trust as I show you what you can see today. I'm going to tell you a story … Continue reading Allowing the mystification to go

Trust builds When you realize that the projected nightmare of opposites makes no sense, that's when you are willing to hand it over. You eventually see that the world you are projecting sends you reeling back and forth between falsities, and none of it has ever made sense. This is when you are willing to surrender, … Continue reading Trust builds

Trust walk Ego will tell you that you are imperfect and that everyone and everything else is imperfect, too. Ego depends upon both the judgment of imperfection and the concept of ideal to keep you doing its errands. When you believe the thoughts ego sends, you carry out its instructions. Right here is the basis for … Continue reading Trust walk

Relaxing into direct communication Direct communication from Spirit means that no thinking is needed on your part. We invite you to notice when you get wrapped up in cogitation or figuring out today. When you are involved in this thinking, you are taking the illusionary world so seriously that you are blocking your awareness of what is Real. … Continue reading Relaxing into direct communication

Trust what is trustworthy Nothing but what you are is trustworthy. What you are is joined with all, always. If you reach into that trust as the source of your thoughts, your words, your actions and your direction, you will feel the magnitude, the power and the love of that trust. When you are sitting in that magnitude, … Continue reading Trust what is trustworthy

Trust everything that is said to you

There is a higher purpose behind every interaction, and if we're willing to see it, we can see how we call all experiences to ourselves. We can get to the point where people speak nothing but the truth to us. If we're not there, every time we believe we don't hear truth from others, we … Continue reading Trust everything that is said to you