Deeply cared for We wish to go into the nature of what it means to care. You can look at caring as a natural expression, a flow, a reflection of the Creator's love for all beings, a reflection of how all beings are loved and supported by their Source. Caring extends naturally, as fragrance from a flower. … Continue reading Deeply cared for

From the bottom up To seek physical comforts is to defend a separate self. We show you this not to send you into hard effort to resist the allure of physical comforts. We are here to support you as you become more aware of thoughts about physical comfort. You are safe in letting those go. You can accept … Continue reading From the bottom up

No power in tension and turmoil This strange hatred is not you or anyone else. When we say "this strange hatred," we mean the force you feel that is associated with pain and tension, an inward cringe or an outward attack. It is a false surface you encounter because you wanted to encounter false surfaces. Any feeling of tension you … Continue reading No power in tension and turmoil

As you look, you ask to see As you look, you ask to see. When you are looking at something, your looking is a way of seeing. You don't just look upon things already there, things you have nothing to do with. You always look upon yourself. You always look in a mirror. So whatever you think you are seeing, that … Continue reading As you look, you ask to see

Judge or emerge You can judge the story you are living or the story someone else seems to be living, or you can see everyone emerge from the stories. You can yearn after the positive side stories seem to present, or you can look past all false exteriors, whether they seem to be positive or negative, to … Continue reading Judge or emerge

ACIM Reading 36 – A Course in Miracles: T-4.VII to T-5.I

Chapter 4: The illusions of the Ego VII. Creation and Communication Chapter 5: Healing and Wholeness Introduction I. The Invitation to the Holy Spirit "[S]pirit reacts the same way to everything it knows is true, and does not respond at all to anything else."

Real and equal beings Judgments always put one segment of persons in the garbage. When you judge, you see unequal persons instead of real and equal beings. Your judgment is your belief in the unreal, and it always brings the experience of pain. Take a moment, whenever you can, to remember the real and equal nature of all … Continue reading Real and equal beings

Remembering Harmlessness You didn't make it up. You remembered it. Your memory of who and what you and all are, of what everything you see is--it's coming back online now. Sometimes the strife of the world seems more real than this fresh remembrance. But remember that this Reality of all that steps forward in your mind--you … Continue reading Remembering Harmlessness