En français

If you speak French, a Canadian site, Messages Célestes,  has translated some of my posts. It tickles me because the posts get so many views compared to my small audience here. Although I am not fluent, I loved studying and speaking French (or any language, actually), so I love that I now often have more … Continue reading En français

What is your will for me?

What is your will for me? We encourage you to ask this many times today, and notice where ego pops up in resistance. Where does anything pop up that doesn't want to be told what to do? Where does anything pop up that wants to be in charge? Just watch, and allow it to dry … Continue reading What is your will for me?

Shared purity and innocence

You are here to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful. You are not here to mess up or to try hard. It is natural for you and for everyone to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful--a reflection of what you Are together. Keep your focus there. It is natural … Continue reading Shared purity and innocence

Do we need meditation?

I would like to explore something that happened yesterday. While speaking to a group, I brought through the sentence, "He doesn't need meditation," and there seemed to be tremendous reactiveness to it. Well, now that I think about it, I was sitting in a yoga studio after a lovely group meditation, so I see how … Continue reading Do we need meditation?

Divine Will is yours

Divine Will is your will. In other words, there is only one true will, and that is Divine Will, expressed in harmonic differentiation. The will presented to you by ego is an illusion. When you are listening to it, you are listening to nothing. When you think of what the ego's will is, it seems … Continue reading Divine Will is yours

Receiving guidance on parenting: Whining & politeness

Every time I receive guidance about parenting, it's always about letting my perceptions change. In order to allow my perceptions to change, I must release a framework, concept or judgment cherished by ego. When I allow what seemed precious and essential to be taken away, I feel better. When I feel better, people--kids or adults--feel … Continue reading Receiving guidance on parenting: Whining & politeness

One voice

Who are we? We are you, in the purest sense. In the first days after my first mystical experience, the word hybrid was suggested to me. The way you received that, you got the gist. You got the message of an identity shift, and one what would include the Whole. We were telling you that you … Continue reading One voice

I know you are, but what am I?

Perfection is eternal. Just like you. Just like everyone across time and space you perceive to be "else." We do not require that you transform yourself into a state of perfection, because you already are in a state of perfection, just as we are. This is not a journey of tinkering with what you perceive … Continue reading I know you are, but what am I?

There is enough gas in the tank

You have enough desire to get you Home. There is enough gas in the tank. There is no need to worry about what fuels this journey because its successful conclusion is guaranteed. You will see its momentum increasing as the awareness that you are on a journey, and the journey is shared, dawns on more … Continue reading There is enough gas in the tank

You are miracle workers

We invite you to openness today, into acceptance. You know what openness and acceptance feel like. You know what their seeming absence feels like. We thank you for paying attention to your feelings. We thank you for the effort to return Home whenever you realize you have substituted something else for your awareness of Home--for … Continue reading You are miracle workers