The beauty of standing in line

What in you is afraid of letting go? Maybe we should rephrase the question. What on you is afraid of letting go? Yes, we like this. Because within You, as you are, there is no fear. So fear is on you. And it is only on you because you are clinging to it. By clinging … Continue reading The beauty of standing in line

A collaboration with Jim Rajan

Hello, readers! I'm pleased to share a guided meditation created in collaboration with the beautiful music and sound engineering of Jim Rajan. You can find Jim on Patreon, Insight Timer, and YouTube. I truly appreciate the ease and inspiration of working with Jim--so glad that he reached out and suggested that we collaborate! Jim's music … Continue reading A collaboration with Jim Rajan

A light and flowering joy

You don't have anything to achieve in the world, apart from what you end up doing. Traditionally, you would call this laziness. But what is left without the rush-rush and the push-push? If everything is perfectly, divinely in place right now, what happens when you set down the rush-rush and push-push? When you allow that … Continue reading A light and flowering joy

Illusion passes away

One of your politicians once proclaimed himself "the decider." We encourage you to think of yourselves that way. You are the deciders. If you are the deciders, you are subject to nothing because you are separate from nothing. What happens when you value your judgments of the world? When you judge, you separate. When you … Continue reading Illusion passes away

The peaceful convergence of all timelines

We thought you might like to know that you are time travelers. By this we mean that timelines are converging. They are converging toward an outcome foretold, an outcome desired by us all. It is an outcome of great relief for our divine siblings, and we experience great joy as we see you moving toward … Continue reading The peaceful convergence of all timelines

The opportunity of stress

We wish you a day free of stress today, but if you experience it, we urge you to go into the feeling and the mechanics of it. Be the scientist you are. Look at it. Sometimes you think, under stress, that you have to solve a problem or confront an issue and that brings on … Continue reading The opportunity of stress

Just a little willingness

You are on a journey of awakening, of remembrance. Central to this journey is learning to go within. Comfort is always available to you when your world is not reflecting it back to you. When you have learned to go within every time there is a disturbance in your tranquility, then you are thinking, speaking … Continue reading Just a little willingness

The well of shared Self

Think about your perception of the world. See how you see it. During the day, check in. How am I seeing the world right now? Now consider where your perceptions of the world seem to conflict with those of others. We're pointing this out because ego will often tempt you to project conflict into your … Continue reading The well of shared Self

Just look

Why are you in the place you seem to find yourself? What are you doing? You're here to consciously allow knowing into your experience. This means you're going to abandon all the misleading secondary sources and allow primary source information to flow through you at all times. You can experience this as beautiful thoughts or … Continue reading Just look

Bring it on!

We invite you to some bold words: Bring it on. We invite you to them in this sense: There is nothing to fear. As we remind you of this, we invite you to allow yourself to feel when you are living your life in resistance or prevention mode. Are you ever thinking ahead to things … Continue reading Bring it on!