See through You have been leaning upon judgment. As you become more willing to be happy, you also become more willing to notice and admit to pain. Any instance of any kind of pain is always caused by leaning upon judgment for security. Judgment promises security, but it has none to deliver. Judgment, delivered by ego, … Continue reading See through

Practice with little interruptions When you experience interruptions or changes in the way you expect things to be, it's always a favor. Every expectation is a chain, so when something comes in to interrupt an expectation, it's an opportunity to drop the chain. So remember this: When the unexpected comes, it's here to assist you in dropping the … Continue reading Practice with little interruptions

The comfort of simultaneity You don't need to give yourself time to heal. Sometimes you use the concept of time as a soother, but we're gently directing you away from that into the Now. Because you are willing to have your head turned, we are nudging your gaze over from the unreal to the Real. We work as … Continue reading The comfort of simultaneity

The purpose of body perception You are the Light, and only the Light. You can come into the willingness to see reflections of Light everywhere. Anything you think you want in this world, it compares not at all with the ability to see reflections of Light everywhere. When you think you want something specific, you are seeing lack and … Continue reading The purpose of body perception

Deep in the hush

I had a sweet, funny, warm experience two days ago when I went in to receive this message. I started listening, and I heard, "Jerry Jampolsky." Okay, so I tried again. "Jerry Jampolsky." This happened six or seven times, so that's when it got funny. I didn't really know what a Jerry Jampolsky was. I … Continue reading Deep in the hush

All blame is over

After I recorded this message, it seemed like the title got changed, so that's why I call it "Here and Now" in the recording. πŸ’š The only thing you could try to defend is the unreal. When you are battling, when you are struggling, you are giving yourself the experience of doing this within … Continue reading All blame is over

Spirit uses everything to the advantage of all We invite you to watch the impulse to fix. When it occurs to you that something in form needs to be fixed, know that in this moment you have an opportunity. What can shine through the belief that something needs to be fixed? What can shine through the belief that something is wrong, and … Continue reading Spirit uses everything to the advantage of all

Sanity beneath the soap opera The first words I heard from my nonphysical friends were, "You are an actress in our favorite soap opera, and we are following your story with great interest." Wow, did they know me well. If they came to me with a message of love, I wouldn't have listened. But they came to me with … Continue reading Sanity beneath the soap opera