Practice 13 – Exposing confusion to the light

Today we focus on being willing to feel. When you are willing to feel, you notice how often you allow ego to dictate your thoughts, words and actions. When you notice this, you allow what is not ego–your True Identity–to function in place of that which is dysfunctional.

Ego is confusion. It darts you forth in perception between this state and that state, always leaving you yearning for the state that ego proclaims to be better or best. We see through this today. Notice anytime you feel a sense of confusion or conflict. This happens immediately prior to attaching to a judgment. Attaching to a judgment keeps you unaware of how ego operates. If you focus on what is just prior to judgment anytime feeling alerts you, you will allow ego’s architecture to be exposed to the light. As it is exposed to the light, it disappears.

Allow yourself three minutes in meditation today. Begin with this:
I am willing to allow confusion to be exposed.

Sit in awareness. If any confusing, critical or limiting thoughts emerge, see them surrounded by light, changing to dust, and blowing away.

When you feel any disturbance during the day, affirm your willingness to see how ego operates:
I am willing to allow confusion to be exposed. Confusion disintegrates in the light of awareness.

When you accept healing for yourself, it is immediately shared with all minds. We thank you for your willingness to accept and share the healing that is ever-present.

Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

For further reading, see Looking behind the mask of ego

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