An end to strife and struggle

This time of unwinding ancient patterns of mind is about accepting unity, remembering unity and seeing unity in every moment.  Unity is alive and thriving always underneath the any disturbance you have chosen instead. In telling you that you choose disturbance, we are giving you the key to allowing it to drain away. It is always about power and never about blame.

In any moment of disturbance, you have picked something up and are holding it between you and the warmth of the sun. Be curious, because it’s always about concepts, never about conditions. The concepts precede the conditions. This is nothing new, but your willingness to hear it and to put it into practice goes a bit deeper every time you allow yourself to understand how this works.

When you notice disturbed thoughts, notice that you have had them many times before in many different forms. There is only one disturbed thought, really, and it is an echo of the first disturbed thought. The first disturbed thought was a thought of you being to blame for your separation from your creator. You thought you had done wrong, and you thought there would be punishment. This is why forgiveness of anyone else is really forgiveness of yourself. Any blame active in your world right now is rooted in your original blame of yourself. You have the power to dissolve it all because you are connected to it all.

Noticing a disturbed thought–any disturbed thought–is an opportunity to revisit that first instant of blame, of believing that separation is real, and to see through it. Seeing through it, you can allow the guidance of the whole to determine your path. Notice when you allow disturbed thoughts to dictate your path, and notice how that feels. It’s about seeing, feeling and remembering.

Pick one disturbed thought that seems to thread through your experience. What if you let this one go? Yes, if you let it go, the whole structure is going to fall down, but it’s only a false structure, a fantasy, a hiding-place identity built by a child afraid of punishment.  There is no punishment. As we have said before, punishment belongs to the illusion, to the hiding place made by a scared child. Punishment has never been real, so it is very safe to allow the hiding place–the false identity–to crumble.

Throughout the day, you can relinquish disturbed thought to Source. You can also request a replacement thought to enter your awareness.  
I surrender this thought.
I realize I don’t need it.
If this isn’t true, what is?

We are not complete without each other. If you are looking at your life story, at the story of the world seemingly around you, in a way that excludes and makes exceptions, simply look at that. This is all habitual activity that can be surrendered. Your disturbed perceptions rise to the surface so they can be surrendered in exchange for perception correction.  Look at the breath, always a wonderful metaphor–as you exhale, or experience in your world, all perceptions needing correction rise into your awareness. As you inhale, or return your awareness to Source, you offer up all that is not needed in exchange for perception correction. See this constant exchange as the purpose for your day.

Although there is only one moment, we walk with you through every moment of seeming time, always ready to assist you in seeing beyond all things linear and all things physical. We are with you to help you see beyond the dream so you can dissolve it. Let us celebrate as what never was disappears from your experience–all strife and all struggle.

Photo by Lauza Loistl on Unsplash

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