Perform miracles

Feel your barricades. That is your job today. Allow yourself to feel, and know that when you bump into tension, you are bumping into an opportunity to have your burden eased. When you allow your burden to be eased, you share this ease with all.

Any feeling of disquiet is an indicator that you are attempting to wall off a separate self and keep it safe from God. Any disquiet is always about you and your defenses against Love. You may have a mountain of evidence that your feeling of disquiet is caused by something outside of you or by some defect within you, but evidence is just that–what is evident, what appears.

Evident comes from the Latin for “out” and “to see.” You see outside of the self you think is yours that which always indicates to you what thoughts you have been believing in a past. The source of what you seem to see is always in the thoughts you have believed. The idea that disquiet is caused by something outer or by a flaw in you–that is only a distraction, and a distraction you can learn to ignore. A feeling of disquiet only indicates the presence of a defense against love, and in dropping your defense, you allow Love to flow, bringing ease.

You seem to be in a succession of situations. Thoughts about situations come to mind. When a thought about a physical situation comes to mind, freeze frame it. You get to decide what you see next. You can see reflections of the Love of God everywhere, or you can see reinforcement of the idea that the illusion is real everywhere. In this way, through these decisions, you perform miracles and share the ability to perform miracles with all.

You do not select particular perception shifts to bring about, and you do not plot out the way in which they will occur. You leave yourself open to perception shift, and in so doing you share the ability to allow perception shift with all. It’s always very simple, and it is always based on willingness.

Not knowing anything about anything is an advantage, because that leaves you open to Knowing coming in and setting perception right. To believe that you know something about the physical is to impose a limit upon it. An unlimited physical can be used by Spirit to guide all lovingly back to the remembrance of who they Are.

Be willing today. Be willing to drop your defenses when you feel them, and feel the benefit of the remembrance of who and what all Are and always have been. You are in very safe hands.

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