Looking behind the mask of ego

The ego is a mask. Anytime you have an uncomfortable thought about anyone, you are looking at the mask and treating it as if it is real, treating it as if it has the power to help or to harm you, to help or to harm the world. Ego can do nothing. It is only a mask, and a mask you chose. You chose to experience this world as an ego, identified with and seemingly separated because of an ego, and you chose to see your divine siblings in the same way. In looking at ego identities, you saw everyone as separate and in conflict.

The mask, this separate identity, appears to be certain. There are opinions associated with it. The body will proclaim these opinions, these evaluations, theses judgments. They are harmless. They can hurt nothing at all. They can appear to create ripples within your world, but this is a world of your making. You always have the power to allow healing into this experience, and healing is available everywhere and everywhen. The ego is nothing, and what you are is everything united. Anything that seems to have power in this world has only the power you gave it.

Underneath the opinions of each ego lies something hidden. Confusion and conflict are underneath every unstable opinion that the ego attempts to make solid and real. Confusion and conflict churn in roiling, back and forth motion. Good and bad, ugly and beautiful, orderly and chaotic. You can feel it. You can feel this right underneath the surface of any opinion, any judgment. There is an attempt to push over to one side of the duality and to insist that it is true. This never feels good.

If you are willing to feel, you can bring ego’s confusion into the light. We encourage you to be honest about the thoughts that occur to you, first with us–your ever-present nonphysical team, and then with your fellows. Laugh at how you were thinking this way or that way, but really, you were pushing an agenda that never felt like peace. As you become more and more willing to share your confused thinking with us and to accept healed perception, you become more willing to be frank with your divine siblings about your mind activity. It helps them to know they are not alone–that you hear judgmental thoughts, too. It helps them to hear you laugh at the thoughts, to know there is a space where attaching to the judgment suggested by ego is optional.

Confusion exposed to the light dries up and blows away like the nothingness it always was. You serve all when you accept perception correction from us every time you experience a disturbed thought. You serve all when you are honest about what your daily experience is like. You’re here to heal together, and everyone can help you as you can help everyone. You are surrounded by an abundance of assistance, and we rejoice to see you recognize this.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 13 – Exposing confusion to the light

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