Day 5 – Understanding projection

The Relationship Process
Day 5 – Understanding projection

Now it is time for you to see that your experience of the healing being is due to your own projection. You have been projecting ego’s lies onto the healing being, distorting your vision and your ability to communicate. This healing being has walked this path with you each step of the way. Take a moment to thank your partner in healing.

[Name], I thank you for being part of my healing journey. I am ready to see you as you are now. 

Anytime you don’t feel at peace about someone else, the truth of it is that you don’t feel at peace about yourself. When you project ego’s lie out onto your divine sibling, you are distracted from the fact that you are not at peace about yourself. As you become willing to see the truth of the healing being, you become able to see the truth of yourself. The truth is always very good news.

State three unloving things that you believe to be true about the healing being. In bringing your awareness to unloving thought, you are lifting it up the light, where it will dissolve in Truth. For example:
[Name] is selfish.
[Name] doesn’t listen.
[Name] doesn’t know the value of money.

In your world, it seems as if the healing being has defects, and it seems as if those defects are painful to you. If you believe the healing being has defects, you also believe that you are defective, and this is also painful.

The truth of both you and the healing being is that you are both perfect, whole, and free of defect. However, you are both acting in a healing drama. Each actor’s role in the healing drama is perfect for assisting the other actors in their healing journeys.

It is important for you to know that when you are looking upon the healing being and finding defect, you are focusing upon a false surface that has never been real. The Truth has always been shining underneath this flimsy facade.

Tell the healing being:
[Name], I have been hearing and believing ego’s lies about you. I have been projecting an image of you which seems to justify ego’s lies about you. I know that your personality is a facade, and I have been projecting it onto you. I free you from my projections. I am willing to hear, see and experience the truth of you now. As I free you, I free myself.

Mind work is very powerful work. Know that your willingness to see truth serves all:
My work is whole, perfect and complete for today.

Photo by Marta Esteban Fernando on Unsplash


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