Looking through ego to Reality

Look at when you place value on separate minds and their attributes. They are all imaginary, and when you do this you are living in an imaginary world. Notice what you think is real today. Notice what you give the power to help or to harm. Just look. Notice how thoughts and assumptions construct the continuity of the world you think contains you. Just watch Look at each thought as it comes up. Notice any attachment you feel.

To do this is to start to dismantle the prison, and the prison has always been imaginary. It has always been made of thought. In Reality, you have always been free, but you used an imaginary world to hide that from yourself.

To wake up to living in an imaginary world, literally constructed of thought alone, is to wake up to its meaninglessness and the meaninglessness of each of its separate parts. There is no need to be afraid as the meaninglessness becomes apparent, because what is immediately beyond that surface of meaninglessness is vast and whole. It is fulfillment itself, and it is what you have been yearning for when you have yearned for any separate thing within the illusion.

Ego will wail and thrash, as it was designed to do, when you look at the meaninglessness of the imaginary separate parts. Ego was put in place to sustain separation perception. It’s just doing its job. As you watch it doing its job, recognize the job it’s doing, and understand that it was what you wanted, you can easily decide that you don’t want it anymore. Now it’s time to undo and dissolve ego, and you do this through the awareness of your very own Self. You release false identity through the remembrance of true identity.

When despair over meaninglessness comes up, look at it. You are looking at ego’s suggestion, the temptation being offered to you by ego. You can believe this set of despairing thoughts, meant to keep you occupied with and focused upon separation. Or you can see this cacophony for what it is–a smokescreen thrown up to obscure the glory of what you are and what everyone is. Keep your intention on seeing through the smokescreen, and it will disappear.

Today, notice when you make various proclamations about aspects of the separation. Do you believe yourself? Just stop for a moment and check in. Do you really believe yourself? Is there a small crack in the facade somewhere? Just look. You have attached to egoic belief many, many times. Would you like ot do it again, or is it time for something different?

In stopping to notice the way ego operates, to notice the meaningless of what ego values, you poke holes in separation perception. When you do that, the light of the Wholeness of us all comes shining through, assisting others in remembering Wholeness. Then they can start to poke holes with you. You do that by consistently interrupting ego’s monologue. You are more persistent than ego is because ego is nothing. You will see through it because the script is already written. It is already done. You have Reality on your side. This is not about winning a fight because the “enemy” is nothing at all. The only thing blocking you from seeing your Self in all its glory right now is your desire to see something else. That is all.

You poke holes in ego’s illusion through the power of Mind. You look at ego, knowing that what it offers is meaningless, knowing that the world it asks you to protect as precious is actually without value. You look at it and through it, knowing there is something beyond it, wanting that something more than you want what ego offers. You allow ego to fade away because you want what Is more than you want an illusory experience of what isn’t and never could be.

We are with you as you say a gentle goodbye to what never was, and it is our delight to look with you upon what Is and always has been.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

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