All barriers are imaginary

Perception as you know it–perception of the five senses–is a distortion. A life built upon the experience of the five senses and judgments about it must be dissatisfying. There is no way around this. There is no satisfaction in distortion, and it will never be felt. You can deliver to yourself temporary experiences of being satisfied, but they can only be temporary. Nothing can substitute for the fulfillment of Truth, of what you are. Until you allow what you are to guide every aspect of your embodied life, you will feel like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Let us explain why we have used this cat example. Watch the activity of the mind. When you prance from judgment to judgment, all in an effort to resolve something internally, you are jumping from the same burning hot foundation and landing on it again. There is no comfort there, but you keep seeking comfort by returning to the same thing that doesn’t work. This is the definition of insanity. You are so accustomed to thinking this foundation of time and space is all there is, that you don’t even question the foundation that you keep landing upon–the basis that you use for your judgments.

How can you rely upon and judge the data that come to you from distortion, from leaping about on this roof, from prancing from judgment to judgment? You cannot. This is why you experience a feeling of disturbance in your life. It is this and no other reason. You may pick some phenomenal reason for your disquiet, and indeed you do every day at one time or another, but that is just you landing upon the same roof.

So how can this leaping and prancing pattern be broken? It is being broken–by all of you, intentionally, with our assistance. You break the pattern of prancing on the roof by allowing yourself to see that the roof is imaginary. Within this little imaginary shack is a light so bright, and it has always been there. Seeing that the roof is imaginary and insignificant, you allow yourself to return to that light, so the roof is no longer a barrier and no longer a reference point. The hot roof is no longer a basis for making judgments because you have never needed them. When you are all the power that is, and you always have been, you have no need of judgments to guide your way.

The distortion you intentionally experience is a life based upon repeated leaps and bounds off the surface of this imaginary roof. The distortion represents a choice to see things as they aren’t, and that choice is always yours. You are all the power that ever was and that ever shall be. The only way you could experience an illusion is through your choice. This is why victimhood is impossible, although the desire to escape through the experience of victimhood or through experiencing the role of victimizer is possible. What do you escape from? You escape from the knowledge of who you truly are. If you remember fully who you truly are–how loved you are, how loved everyone is–you lose the basis for hanging on to distortion.

You have become habituated to distortion and cling to it, mistaking its repetitiveness for comfort, stability and security. As you are waking up, you learn to see the light as a new basis, and this seeing becomes the means for the collective release of distorted perception.

All experienced here is imagined. All takes place in mind. The physical takes place in mind. Time and space take place in mind. This means that everything experienced is very, very flexible, but there is fear around the idea of its flexibility. Ego seeks sameness, rigidity, control and comfort at the same time it relies upon chaos. Ego relies upon the chaos of illusion but tells you to build up defenses against figments. All the while, you are steadily defending against Love. Don’t fight to make stability in an imaginary world. Simply allow the light you are to gently clear the distortion by seeing it in all others, in every situation. You do this by allowing yourself to see that you always reside within the light, and that any bouncing off of roofs is imaginary.

Not being able to trust the five senses, what can you trust? Who can be your guide in this strange and chaotic land of illusion pretending to be real? You, of course. True You. The You that is us, too. Keep that reference point steady in your awareness, and you will see that it is not a reference point at all. For there to be a reference point, there has to be an other. Someone looking at the reference point from somewhere else. As you keep the light you are steady in your awareness, the idea of a false you, looking at the light from somewhere else, dissolves. As the idea of a false you dissolves, the guidance that is always there for you becomes very simple and obvious.

We honor and love you as we honor and love ourselves because there is only One of us, and the One of us has always been Love. We delight in what we Are, and that is our eternal celebration.

Photo by Sime Basioli on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “All barriers are imaginary

  1. Well said. It takes a while but the process of these ‘conditions’ down here builds that awareness and understanding of that love as we break through each one, to finally trust ourselves to take those steps to ‘see’ that perfection within.
    I like the analogy of the ‘hot tin roof’, it sums up our journey well.
    Thank you for sharing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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