Appreciate tension, then release

Think of the attractive power of you.

First, consider who you are. You are All That Is, individuated and being expressed through a human body. Incredible, no? You, as you experience yourself through this body, have given yourself a believable experience of being separate.

Now think of what you, as Love, as All That Is, attract to that body-mind to be expressed through it today. The more you recognize and believe the thoughts that align with reality, and the more you allow thoughts out of alignment with reality (any thought that feels contracted) to simply pass peacefully out of the field of your awareness, the more you settle into the rightness of showing up as a living, breathing expression of love.

Think about how the sense of want shows up for you. Are your wants really your wants, or are they a persistent sense of lack? Would you be willing to have a persistent sense of lack removed from your experience so your natural sense of abundance–already present–can arise and become prominent, a helpful beacon for others? Would there be any reason to hang onto a persistent sense of lack?

Let’s say that you release your persistent sense of lack, your sense of separate selfhood, and you burst forth into bloom as you share the love you are. Is it okay to bloom before another in the timeline? In other words, is it rude to go first?

We want to spend a little time with this because that is what time is for–the purpose of healing. If you release the sense of separate selfhood and then bloom, would that make you a target? Only a separate self could be a target, and you are not that. By releasing the sense of separate self, you cease projecting situations and events out in the illusion that make it look like one being could be the target of another being.

It is not rude to bloom into shared selfhood before another in the context of the timeline. Things happen with perfect timing, always. Let’s step out of the timeline for a moment. You are already in full bloom, and you always have been. All of this release of illusion is about recognizing what already is.

So you are not going first! All beings are in bloom. You just might notice the blooming before others in your timeline, as you recognize that all beings extend love always. You simply allow the awareness of that, and then the body-mind’s thoughts, actions, and speech reflect the love that you are in very simple and effective ways to your brothers and sisters.  As you allow yourself to see the real and shared self of all, you call it into experience.

Outside of the context of time, everything happens now. There is no actual first, second and third.

We often direct your attention to tension or contractedness as a source of learning and a prompt for release and allowing. Is relaxation better than tension? Will you allow all things? Because the tension shows you what is on the way out. Thank it. Allow the tension and appreciate its function. Appreciate what it shows you. Thank it on the way out.

When you become aware of physical tension, you can ask it to inform you. What are you, tension? What do you have to teach me? What do you have to show me?

The tension is all about the unnecessary protection of that which is invulnerable. You, as love, shining in your true identity, are invulnerable. Bodies are temporary, and you are not a body. You are, however, currently expressing through a body. You encompass the body.

When you, as love, are confused about who you are, you try to protect the body and your sense of a separate self through effort and the use of tension. This is simply an old habit that you don’t need. You can just notice and release. Notice and release.

The tension itself always has a valuable lesson for you when you ask it what it has come to teach. Appreciate it as a friend, which means that you don’t cling to it. Instead, you seek to understand it, to enjoy it, to appreciate it. When you have received the lesson, the tension is free to go.

Instead of just trying to relax, ask the tension what it would have you know. Be curious, love it. Hear its message. Allow it to subside. Thank it. You can do this with any physical or emotional phenomenon. Know that it comes to you as a friend and that it has something to tell you. You will get better and better at hearing the messages that every situation offers to you. Once you receive them, you emanate them as part of your frequency, and those same lessons become available to others.

We thank you for your work with this tension–something that is so central to the illusion. In shining the light of your true self on it, you allow it to subside. As you allow it to subside, a new world comes into being. Let’s play!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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