Spontaneous expression of Love

Ego tells you this: I want this illusion instead of that illusion. When you listen to ego, it keeps you focused on this or that. This or that always have something in common–they are never real. Ego focuses you upon the unreal, but only when you allow it. You can always pause and ask that which is prior to ego to guide your thinking.

Ego cannot hijack your identity unless you request it. You invented a substitute for your identity with God–an identity that can never be real. Nothing can replace your original identity, ever. You can imagine that you have have invented a real replacement, but that is all. When you feel stress of any kind, you are feeling your attachment to an identity that has never been yours.

When you encounter an aspect of the world you made, and it seems to bother you, you can focus here: I am willing to look upon this with Spirit. The feeling of being bothered means you are looking upon illusion as if it is real, and you are allowing ego to send you evaluations of this illusion. You can always stop and reset. You can always stop and align with your identity prior to what ego offers you.

Ego tells you this:
There are other people.
They are bodies.
You should love them.
You don’t love them enough.
You don’t love them well enough.

Spirit tells you this:
All are Love
Love joins all
Love acts of itself when allowed

A simple reset to Spirit, every time you notice that you are depending on thought from ego, means that you are relinquishing your sense of individual control, and you are allowing the flow. In other words, you are allowing happiness.

Every time you feel tension, you feel the call to attack. The call to attack blocks the spontaneous expression of Love through everyone and everything. Feeling the call to attack, there is only one solution. Rest. Ask for assistance. When assistance comes, it always dissolves the call for attack.

Love acts of itself when allowed. Remember that we are joined with you, and that is Real.

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

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