Asking to see truly We wish to speak of the experience of physical pain. Physical pain is an indicator. It gets your attention, and there are two roads available to you once your attention is on pain. Although pain is unreal, it is a very convincing illusion, sustained by the power you Are. As the maker of the … Continue reading Asking to see truly

Unwavering joy Egoic thoughts can be heard as meaningless. Ego itself is meaningless, so all the thoughts it sends seem to have meaning but actually have none. Seeing through this is key and brings much peace because it leaves you open to meaning from Spirit's thoughts. As you look out upon a world, you seem to … Continue reading Unwavering joy

Perform miracles Feel your barricades. That is your job today. Allow yourself to feel, and know that when you bump into tension, you are bumping into an opportunity to have your burden eased. When you allow your burden to be eased, you share this ease with all. Any feeling of disquiet is an indicator that you … Continue reading Perform miracles

Undefined and ever-helpful How you feel always springs from where you are focused. You always have a choice of where to place your focus. You can focus upon the very chatty and judgmental monologue that is available to you from ego, or you can focus upon your true voice--the one that delivers insight and inspiration. Time is … Continue reading Undefined and ever-helpful

Abide with me I received the outline of this message three days ago, and just this morning someone seemed very upset with me and outlined the ways in which I am not good enough. I worked with Spirit to see this as helpful, and to ask to see innocence in us both. Now that I am receiving … Continue reading Abide with me

Lay down your defenses You're going to be given opportunities today to lay down your defenses. Remember that every situation in which you find yourself is an opportunity to move forward without defense. Every situation in which you find yourself is an opportunity to see all you call other as needing no defense. Everyone has and is Truth, … Continue reading Lay down your defenses

Looking at your defensive shields with and as Light When you feel tension or disturbance, you are looking upon the world that yesterday would show you. The world of the past has nothing to do with this moment right now. Tension or disturbance only means that you have an invitation to focus upon what is Here Now, beyond everything the senses would tell … Continue reading Looking at your defensive shields with and as Light

Look under the blanket you threw If something monstrous seems to appear, or if you seem to see something monstrous in the rearview, best to ask what is really behind it. Don't allow surfaces to fool you. In order to react to a surface, you must judge it. You know how reaction feels. It disturbs. Negative reaction is clearly disturbing. … Continue reading Look under the blanket you threw