We’d like to talk to you about the phrase “get your hopes up.” Look at this idea that the appearance of something in form can offer you fulfillment. We are here to tell you that your fulfillment, and the fulfillment of all, is here and now, and it is always available to you. When you focus upon the actual fulfillment of God’s Love that is always available to all in every moment, then you can release all form to Spirit, taking it out of ego’s hands.

You’re used to grabbing an idea or an image, believing it’s real, and labeling it. Once you have labeled or analyzed something, you give it reality, power over you, and power over others. Look steadily toward the power for all that is present all the time, and you do not have to analyze a surface in a way that empowers some and disempowers others. Keep your gaze on the actual equality of all, and leave it up to Spirit what form should reflect this empowerment of all.

What is Real is an unending and very alive source of abundance available to all in this moment. Keep your gaze here, and Spirit will be able to show you a reflection of this in form. Your job is to keep your gaze upon what is helpful to all.

The unending abundance available to all in this moment is why you do not have to force yourself to give from a sense of constriction. You are much better off addressing the sense of constriction directly. Then giving in form can come of itself and naturally. If you get a chance today to notice thoughts of constriction, lack, and limit that you believe, give thanks. Now you know exactly what to give to Spirit, and you can allow Spirit to do all the heavy lifting. Your only job is to follow.

All have opportunities to address their sense of constriction. You do not have to feel sorry for those who show up in forms that highlight this constriction, this sense of limit and lack. Remember that they are helping you when you do not feel within yourself the ability to help them. They are helping you find your own sense of limit, which you can then give to Spirit. In this way, they are freeing you, and you can give thanks.

You have so many reasons to give thanks, and we give thanks for you.

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