Forever peace

Wanting someone’s approval is wanting judgment. If you want anyone at all to see you in a specific way, you are asking them to see you as separate. Then it is guaranteed that you will see them as separate. You cannot yearn for approval without the presence of tension, so let your awareness of tension tell you what you are up to in thought. When you become aware that you are seeing something unreal–something that connects two or more separate selves, but not all separate selves, you can remember Reality. The Reality is all perceived selves are joined as one right now.

The tension of wanting is always the tension of wanting something that doesn’t actually exist. You can always ask Spirit to help you see what you and all have right now.

You can always turn to the certainty of God. When you turn toward God, you acknowledge what is Real and what joins all right now.

How do the others in your life feel to you? Do they feel like enemies, friends who are the opposite of enemies, or your fellow beings in the light? If you believe you have some enemies and some friends, this is your opportunity to look under the surface of both to see them as they truly are, joined in love and by love forever, blessed with eternal life. If you look upon others in this way, you will see yourself as one with them, and you will see that you do not have separate interests. If you do not have interests that differ from that one over there, then there is a force that can help you both genuinely and simultaneously.

They–any they–can only mirror back your inward condition. If you believe there is a problem with them “over there,” this means that there is a misperception in your mind that can be corrected now. Truly you are joined forever, and when one accepts perception correction, it affects all. Once you feel any tension and see any problem, you can let the thinking attached to it go, and you can give thanks for how the ones “over there” have assisted you.

You don’t have to turn yourself into an addictive substance–something people will like or come to depend on. You already Are that which everyone can depend on, and so is everyone else. Turn toward this real source of assistance many times each day, and you will come to see that which is most real about all. In this, there is peace.

We delight in helping you recognize the forever-peace that you Are. It is our joy to see you find your willingness to witness this forever-peace within everyone and everything.

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