Follow love in all things

I was given this song to start with:

There is less and less for you to do. It just gets done. Your way is obvious. Your path is clear. No matter how many complications seem to clutter up your pathway, presence dissolves each one. There is nothing for you to manage because your entire path has already been laid out for you. Remember that you are always following, and you don’t have to pretend that you yourself have to determine the path ahead.

As you walk through your life experiences, you seem to receive sensory data from something “out there.” The senses themselves are imagined, and the sense data is imagined. The “out there” is what is either projected from guilt in the mind or extended from love in the mind. Each day is about realizing that when you see something, you have already chosen to see it.

It seems as if this figure called you walks through a landscape, and the figure enacts behaviors. You don’t have to force the stopping of a behavior, and you don’t have to force the starting of a behavior. Everything works together. Subside into the relaxation of all things working together in peace, and you can rest from all your trying.

And then this song was suggested:

You can give up ideas of what ego tells you that you want, as well as ideas of what ego tells you that you don’t want. Ego tells you about this imaginary figure walking through an imaginary landscape. It can’t tell you about you. It can’t tell you about anyone else, either. The ego can only send ideas about separation, which never actually happened. All are one, and all remain one forever. No other option exists. You just pretended to take an option you never had and you cannot ever have.

You are not wrong for hearing ego’s ideas. It’s just that when you are aware that ego’s ideas cause you pain, you can let them go. When you hear an idea from ego, indicated by the presence of tension or stress, there is a thought from love waiting underneath it. Set the meaningless thought from ego aside, and accept the thought that brings you happiness. It is always right here and available for you.

We are right here and available for you at all times. It is our joy to help you set aside what can never be helpful. It is our delight to see you aware of the ever-present option to follow love in all things.

4 thoughts on “Follow love in all things

  1. What does the ever-present option to follow love in all things mean?

    Sometimes there are two options in making a decision – an easy one (could be the lazy route or the one “i” like) or a tough one (moving out of the comfort zone).

    Where is love? Where is ego? Thank YOU for all your light, sweet Julie. πŸ’›

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    1. The ever-present option to follow love in all things…

      The option not to judge, not to believe all the judgments I’m hearing from ego. Then something real can lead me through my perception of the unreal.

      When it seems like there are two options, it helps to recognize that I’m attempting to choose between two illusions. Then a path can light up for me that is straightforward and obvious, but based on none of the ego’s evaluations of separate things as good and bad.

      On my way, I still follow ego a lot, due to my belief that it’s safer and it gets me what “I” want. But that’s okay, because I have feeling, and I can find those thoughts feeling points me to and relax in a moment of presence. Like leaves in the fall, the beliefs fall away, and the way becomes more obvious.

      Love is just always here. It’s what I use effort to cover up using thoughts from ego that lead to perception of conflict. Ego is all the busyness, so with patience and stillness, I allow all the obstacles in my mind to fall away.

      The interesting thing about the whole perception of making decisions is that I am not able to judge any of it, not even to evaluate the nature of the various decisions. Still, though, a way becomes obvious. πŸ™πŸ’šβœ¨

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      1. Thank you soooo much. Still contemplating your words – as i try to move away from the cobweb of thoughts to that place of silence and stillness, watching life unfold gently. Not able to express my gratitude in words. Thank YOU! πŸ’›πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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