Knowing will carry you

Knowing will carry you. It’s not your knowing–a knowing that belongs to a separate you or a separate anyone else. It’s a knowing from Spirit–from our unified identity, that can be expressed through anyone or anything as you allow it. Depending on this universal knowing is always safe.

Any feeling of stress or tension is an attachment to a set of opposites. The opposites yank you back and forth in perception between different things you think your character knows. Nobody knows opposites. They are figments of your imagination that you set to play out, and you mistake them for reality over and over again. No one can know them as real because they can never be real. You can leave this conflict of opposites for the quiet knowing that is always present. This quiet knowing is what is most real about everyone and everything, and it can be placed in charge. The push and pull of the veneer of opposites fades in its presence.

Any other–no matter whom you meet–that’s your reflection. What is most real about you? Whatever you believe, that is what you will experience as real in that other. Allow yourself to remember that what is most real about you and everyone and everything is exactly the same powerfully benign, loving thing. It’s always here, and the more you can acknowledge it, the more you can allow it to take over. When benign power is in charge, your petty defenses are not needed.

This world was made with anger, but with your permission love can come to carry you through and out of it. Notice your role in this. You allow it. You don’t interfere. You don’t run off with your own agenda. That’s the sum total of your contribution. You can relax, and you always have every reason to do so.

Agreeing not to know anything opens you up to guidance from Spirit. Spirit is always here, and Spirit can always take over. Any belief that you must struggle against or with the things of this world makes the separate things of this world real. But they are only one layer of seeming difference. In reality, there is no difference, and this is where all of your safety and support lies.

“Everything here is the same.” This is what you can tell yourself. “I may insist on seeing difference, but everything here is the same.” Let this sink in, and understand that the analysis of all the seemingly different surfaces in relation to one another will get you nowhere. Recognizing that a shining sameness lies behind them all helps you to recognize the beauty of Home, where you Are right now. Seeing that you know nothing about this world of opposites, you trust what can lead you through and out of it.

We are here for you in every moment of the day, and we are present in everyone and everything you see. You are in very safe hands.

7 thoughts on “Knowing will carry you

  1. This is sooo beautiful and helpful. i am caught in a dilemma and not liking this/that – wanting to do this but not that, wanting life to be somehow not as it is — all these conflict, tensions are from the mind. It is so smart that it comes up with super spiritual angles for all these issues – yet, none of them is real!!!! πŸ˜‰

    Thank YOU beautiful Julie. Bless me to step back again and live in that unending knowing – arms of God – where all is well, gentle, tender and always will be.

    with much love and gratitude πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸ’œπŸ™

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