Light it up

Resolution of problems is a service you allow to be performed for you. If there is any sense of a separate you with a burden of a problem–a problem you must solve–then rest for a moment and remember that solutions are plentiful and are given to all freely. Solutions are made obvious. Every seeming problem is a chance to see that solutions are made obvious for you because you are always loved. You must go past the perception of your separate autonomy to accept all the solutions available to you now.

You can’t bring guilt–your guilt or the perception of others’ guilt–into the solution with you. Solutions don’t have anything to do with fiction, and guilt is always based on fiction. Solutions merely show you how you are upheld in every moment, and you are always supported in seeing yourself and all you call other as being held in love eternally. If you insist upon calling the fiction of time and space real, you insist upon blocking that which can show you how flexible your perception can be.

You only have to come into this state of freedom and openness for a moment. As you recognize this state of freedom and lightness, you trust it, and as you trust this state, you come to dwell here. It is safe to be here, out in the open, not protected by any of your fictions, simply being held in the Love you Are. As you rest here in freedom, you can see that all are held by this freedom from pain and suffering. Your journey now is one of acknowledgment. Acknowledge what is real, and do not allow the perception of any time-space fiction to sway you.

Every bad feeling represents a problem-solving opportunity. The problem is always your own misperception, and the solution always corrects what was distorted. That’s what a day is–it’s a seeming interval of time during which you can allow the distorted to be corrected. You can say this to yourself:
Somehow I wanted to see this surface instead of how it truly is under the surface. I’m ready to see things as they Are now.

When you say yes to the solution, you assist everyone, everywhere, everywhen. This is no small thing. Everyone shares this immense power at all times, and as you begin to use the power that all share, you light it up for all.

So let’s light it up! We love you, and it is our joy to see you remember how true solutions work.

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