Knowing will carry you Knowing will carry you. It's not your knowing--a knowing that belongs to a separate you or a separate anyone else. It's a knowing from Spirit--from our unified identity, that can be expressed through anyone or anything as you allow it. Depending on this universal knowing is always safe. Any feeling of stress or tension … Continue reading Knowing will carry you

Your foes are considerate Knowing is a frequency to which you can attune. What to do in a particular situation? What comes next for you in your day? Any and all questions that arise can be answered by Knowing. We invite you to ask Knowing for all of your answers today. We have encouraged you in the past … Continue reading Your foes are considerate

True Knowledge transcends the physical

Listen here: Knowledge is not something that you accumulate in the physical. Knowledge is not facts and figures. Let's use language to show a distinction. If you're going to use the word knowledge to describe what people observe to be physically true of this world, then we invite you to use the word Knowing … Continue reading True Knowledge transcends the physical

Knowing is Now

Knowing is inevitable. This story ends in the release of the limits of time and physicality. That happens through the allowance of Knowing. When we speak of Knowing, we speak of the fresh, right-now, guiding insight available to all in every moment. It springs directly from our Wholeness, our Harmony.You always have access to Knowing. So … Continue reading Knowing is Now

Set down your defenses to accept the gift

A belief is a defense. Right now, don't worry about the " good" beliefs you have. When you address what appear to be negative or tense beliefs, you work with belief in general. You have no need of belief in anything in particular when you transcend belief to access knowing in every moment. To access … Continue reading Set down your defenses to accept the gift