Exactly the same, no difference

https://youtu.be/Ww13ZJKQ2rA You don't need to fight anything. If you are experiencing a hallucination, then there is nothing real to fight. To get caught up in a fight is to be confused, but awareness will serve you. The only thing that can bombard you is your thinking, and your thinking can be brought under your control. … Continue reading Exactly the same, no difference

The first invitation

https://youtu.be/jcJkq2-LQhw "Turn that frown upside down." You might hear this as encouragement to seek a relative opposite from a negative state. We invite you out of the bouncing back and forth between worldly opposites. When we speak of upside down frowns, we are not speaking of a relative opposite to a worldly frown. We are … Continue reading The first invitation

You were there with me

When I received the title for this message, I felt invited to find a reference to it in the Bible or in A Course in Miracles. I didn't find anything, but if you see a connection there, let me know. ūüíö https://youtu.be/ymf2_Shy5Ik We wish to speak of the confusion. The entire physical world was made … Continue reading You were there with me

Let it overflow

https://youtu.be/nuueQCA1Fj8 Allow the veil to become transparent. The veil is what you would hold up to block love. You become aware of the presence of the veil whenever you feel uncertainty, whenever you feel tempted to accuse, whenever you feel bored, whenever you feel frustrated. You have an ability to use in allowing the veil … Continue reading Let it overflow

Allow Spirit to use all of the symbols

https://youtu.be/iOFX4MWjdE4 Any situation that would seem to make you uncomfortable is a blast furnace for the ego, but not for you. What you Are is what remains when ego is no longer seen. The purpose of each day is the same. Each day comes to allow you the opportunity to allow ego to melt from … Continue reading Allow Spirit to use all of the symbols

See through

https://youtu.be/xLXyD3eQ3Oc You have been leaning upon judgment. As you become more willing to be happy, you also become more willing to notice and admit to pain. Any instance of any kind of pain is always caused by leaning upon judgment for security. Judgment promises security, but it has none to deliver. Judgment, delivered by ego, … Continue reading See through

Practice with little interruptions

https://youtu.be/LK-XJy4dpoA When you experience interruptions or changes in the way you expect things to be, it's always a favor. Every expectation is a chain, so when something comes in to interrupt an expectation, it's an opportunity to drop the chain. So remember this: When the unexpected comes, it's here to assist you in dropping the … Continue reading Practice with little interruptions

The comfort of simultaneity

https://youtu.be/CZAMYEtESfo You don't need to give yourself time to heal. Sometimes you use the concept of time as a soother, but we're gently directing you away from that into the Now. Because you are willing to have your head turned, we are nudging your gaze over from the unreal to the Real. We work as … Continue reading The comfort of simultaneity

The purpose of body perception

https://youtu.be/OCOwWPjlo7g You are the Light, and only the Light. You can come into the willingness to see reflections of Light everywhere. Anything you think you want in this world, it compares not at all with the ability to see reflections of Light everywhere. When you think you want something specific, you are seeing lack and … Continue reading The purpose of body perception

Deep in the hush

I had a sweet, funny, warm experience two days ago when I went in to receive this message. I started listening, and I heard, "Jerry Jampolsky." Okay, so I tried again. "Jerry Jampolsky." This happened six or seven times, so that's when it got funny. I didn't really know what a Jerry Jampolsky was. I … Continue reading Deep in the hush