Looking through separation to Wholeness

https://youtu.be/kOjZy8ZsFFI We invite you to look at fixed perception of bodies today. Notice how you give bodies meaning, significance, and value. You give them separate meaning. You give them separate significance. You give them separate value. Now hear this: While the experience of the body seems very real, it is a projection of thought, and … Continue reading Looking through separation to Wholeness

Ease is a pre-existing condition

https://youtu.be/51LJ0m7vkDM We invite you to see through physicality, including the body. We invite you to look right through physicality, right though judgment, to witness and feel the light that shines through from the Source of what you are. Keep your focus there, and you will feel ease today. You only leave ease by choice. Remember … Continue reading Ease is a pre-existing condition

Abiding in unlimited Self

https://youtu.be/78ndNB7MiZk Allow this to be a day of releasing attachments. Anywhere you feel tension or contraction, you have tied your Self down, but only in thought. Your Self is always truly unlimited, but when you become attached to that which is false, you attempt to draw a limit around the Self and to play with … Continue reading Abiding in unlimited Self

Appointment confirmation

https://youtu.be/uT-n0dRHQJU The body will be cared for as long as it appears in this world, as long as it is needed for the function of inviting all to ease and Oneness. This is important for you to know. When you believe a separate you has to be in charge, one of the burdens you assign … Continue reading Appointment confirmation

The harmony project

https://youtu.be/askMNLte-yU You are truly engaged in a group project. Remember this as you seem to come into conflict, as you feel dissonance and feel tempted to project a cause or a perception of a defect outward. This feeling of dissonance, of struggle, is an opportunity. In those moments you are experiencing what you have been … Continue reading The harmony project

Light the beacon

https://youtu.be/reyAyOHtJvQ Think of what you are. You are gentleness itself. You are mercy itself. You are love itself. You are strength itself. You are power itself. True power melts away all that isn't, revealing what is and always has been. You are that. If you are that, all others are that, eternally, because there is … Continue reading Light the beacon

Striving gives way to flow

https://youtu.be/hY-l0p4kc08 You are hereby released from trying to be good enough. We ask you to be aware of striving energy today. If you have a desire to try, apply your trying to noticing the energy of striving and then inviting yourself to stop. When you stop, you can remember that there is a flow waiting … Continue reading Striving gives way to flow

Love takes care of all things

https://youtu.be/BgOfFYiSyxw If you are Love, the simplest answer in any situation is to allow the Love you are to shine through you. Love expressed meets all needs and takes care of all things. What would stop the Love you are from shining through you? Only you. If you attach a value to blocking love, you … Continue reading Love takes care of all things

A clear path

https://youtu.be/yfVZ9Is4z6M The path is prepared in front of you to make each decision easy today. You will seem to encounter many points of decision, but by remaining very still within yourself,  the response to each decision point will be clear, and you will be able to feel calm. When you stay within the stillness of … Continue reading A clear path

Now streaming: Love

https://youtu.be/zm5LIhj99U8 You are worthy of guidance. In fact, you are loving guidance itself. Because there can be the experience of conflict, it seems there are two guides. There is the angel on your shoulder and the devil on your shoulder. The devil doesn't actually exist, but because you think it does, you give yourself the … Continue reading Now streaming: Love