Temporary temple

We encourage you to make feeling primary, to be aware of what you feel. Once you know how you feel, what then? When you become aware of a feeling that weighs you down, you must have a remedy at hand. Otherwise, you will attempt to ease the dis-ease by blaming or lamenting the lack of … Continue reading Temporary temple

Stage directions

You have two sets of stage directions available to you: directions from ego and directions from your Self. They feel different. Before you carry out ego's directions,  you always have to attach to fear first. If you become very willing to feel how you're feeling right now, willing to witness the process of your attachment … Continue reading Stage directions

Looking through ego to Reality

Look at when you place value on separate minds and their attributes. They are all imaginary, and when you do this you are living in an imaginary world. Notice what you think is real today. Notice what you give the power to help or to harm. Just look. Notice how thoughts and assumptions construct the … Continue reading Looking through ego to Reality

Look right through the personality

Are you willing join in communion, in true communication, with everyone you meet? Every meeting with every being, whether it occurs in the physical or in thought, when someone comes to mind, is the opportunity for deeper awareness of the Love you are. Celebrate and bless these opportunities. If you are willing to enter into … Continue reading Look right through the personality

Inspiration is waiting for you

Will you allow inspiration to flow? It is an allowing. It is an openness It is a willingness. It is a releasing of assumptions. There are many ways we can reach you. We can reach you through thoughts. We can reach you through what you see in your physical world. We can reach you through … Continue reading Inspiration is waiting for you

The body as a learning aid

Thank you. Thank you for spending this time with us. Thank you for recognizing our connection. Stay with us for a moment in this profound feeling of gratitude, in this celebration of our Oneness, our harmony, and your willingness to abide in it. If you are willing to appreciate harmony with us, it will eventually … Continue reading The body as a learning aid

Using definitions to undo definitions

We're going to draw some lines in the sand to help you emerge from the lines you have been drawing. Because you still understand lines--the separation of definitions--that is what we will use to guide you beyond the perception of limits into the Reality of limitlessness. This is how we seem to help you remember … Continue reading Using definitions to undo definitions

This is how we all heal together

We cannot underestimate the importance of your willingness to see things differently. When you are willing to see things differently, you are willing to return to the remembrance of true identity. When you are willing to see things differently, you are willing to allow not just a shift within the illusion, but a passing away … Continue reading This is how we all heal together

The Wave

We wish to speak to you of apparitions. Apparitions are what you allow to appear in front of your eyes. It is always something you are allowing. There is not fault here. There is always responsibility--the ability to respond in Love--however. Apparitions appear but they are not real. They are perceived, but they are not … Continue reading The Wave

Greetings from yourSelf

Good morning! You are actively awakening from the dream of fear, and we are pleased to assist you. You are willing to notice and feel where you rely upon fear in all its forms (any emotion that feels negative) to attach "you" to the world you project, and we delight in this collaboration. In order … Continue reading Greetings from yourSelf