Invitation to celebration

There is only one where. No matter where you are, no matter what seems to be happening, we are all together in this one space, and all of your divine siblings share it with you. We are not separate, and we are not conflicted. We are harmonious. This means the truth of yourself and of … Continue reading Invitation to celebration

Allow the shift into miracles

The thoughts of fear seem to tell you how to be safe. Notice these today. Notice the journeys of effort upon which they will take you--effort and inevitable judgment. We're not asking or telling you to stop anything. Let all things stop of their own accord when it is time. Simply observe. See. Allow a … Continue reading Allow the shift into miracles

Receive and give thanks

On this day of Thanksgiving in the United States, let us observe why you have great cause to be thankful. Give thanks that all minds are connected. All minds across time and space are linked. This means you are never alone, and you truly are in this together. As one allows healing of perception, all … Continue reading Receive and give thanks

Feeding each other

We wish you a day of total peace, complete bliss. Such a day is possible. You are worthy of it. So are all others. When you know all others are worthy of a day of bliss and peace, you call them to the healing that will provide that--mind to mind, right now, you do that … Continue reading Feeding each other

Here are your wings

We invite you to turn the dial on your radio station to Reality. There is only love. When there's just one thing, nothing can manipulate or control the one thing. Nothing can dominate the one thing because there is nothing which is not the thingness itself. Nothing can come from outside and affect the one … Continue reading Here are your wings

Nothing left to fear

You have nothing to hide from, and there is no reason to pretend. We invite you to catch yourself in the feeling of hiding, disguising. We invite you to see when you pretend because you fear rejection and offense. Just see if there's anything there to see. If there is, it's an opportunity to accept … Continue reading Nothing left to fear

You have always been connected

You can feel tension between people. You can feel the edges of personalities and the back and forth of the struggle for dominance, the struggle to be noticed, the struggle to be accepted. You can feel the back and forth struggle of ones that don't know they are fully accepted and loved right now. You … Continue reading You have always been connected

Focus upon the foundation

All that is experienced is a phenomenon of mind. There is the back-and-forth chatter of what you consider to be your separate mind, and then there is the collective chatter of what you experience as the shared mind. You have access to all of this information, but in a sort of worship of personhood, you … Continue reading Focus upon the foundation

It’s safe to emerge from the conceptual loop

You don't need any protection. What you are is your protection. The reality of the Whole of us all is your safety. It's your foundation, and it's your guide through what seem to be ever-changing circumstances. You are protection. When you are able to observe how you attach to thoughts of conflict through belief, you are able … Continue reading It’s safe to emerge from the conceptual loop

Turning off the identity spawner

Conflict is caused by a temptation to attach to an identity that is not your own, every time. As you do this, you also attach to ideas of separate identities for all of the players in the dramas your are experiencing. In the context of the experience of conflict, time is very useful. It is … Continue reading Turning off the identity spawner