Hello, Lovelies. Just wanted to let you know that my mind is under construction...or maybe deconstruction? Old patterns are being broken up, and I'm being encouraged to really attune to that frequency of peace, to not assume that I know what's coming next,to drop the sense of control. I don't know when I will be … Continue reading Update


I've just been learning from working with my lovely friend Agata that a different modality of receiving and sharing messages is Facebook Messenger. It's really fun this way because there's an opportunity for more back and forth.Today I seem to be receiving her message in four parts, so I wander away for a while and … Continue reading Messaging


Wow, am I ever getting the call to make myself available. Whoosh! It still surprises me how strong and clear guidance can become so suddenly. So if you have anything at all you'd like to talk over in terms of awakening, you are very welcome to email, call or have a video session with me. … Continue reading Sessions

The Flow everywhere, in everyone

https://youtu.be/vM1vwRmcQsc The experience of anger, pain, irritation or limitation means that you are choosing that experience. Why would you choose anger? You would choose anger because you are accustomed to seeing power in false power, in defense, in seeings all as separate, in the idea of a separate one managing separate things, a separate one … Continue reading The Flow everywhere, in everyone

The ever-present glow

https://youtu.be/EPM6GuRWOs8 There is one thing to look upon in any situation. In this lifetime, you are here to train yourself to look upon only this one thing, no matter what is happening. This is your part. You are learning to emerge from constant distraction. The perception of illusions has your attention moving from here and … Continue reading The ever-present glow