Shared with everything

You can now listen to Love's Beginning messages on Rumble (below) as well as on YouTube & Spotify 💚 Shared with everything on Rumble Ego offers a mechanism for what it calls understanding. Ego offers you pieces to put together, and judgments about each one of these pieces. Once the ego has put together … Continue reading Shared with everything

Choosing authority over tyranny When there is a lack of peace, ego is telling a story, and you're listening and believing. Knowing this is important. Lack of peace is caused always by a story, never by reality. Perceived conditions cannot be a reality. In truth, they are very flexible. Reality is changeless always, thus very reliable in all … Continue reading Choosing authority over tyranny

The Flow is always the solution The only thing you can judge is how you feel. Let that sink in. When you recognize this, you distinguish between the Real and the unreal. You allow true solutions in--solutions in which no one loses. You have a habitual posture of tensing up to defend against a world. Thoughts of ego have taught … Continue reading The Flow is always the solution

Repost: Love’s Beginning

This is a repost from December 12, 2017 💚 There are two selves that can act through us--the separated self, and the whole, complete self that flows through on love and inspiration. The “normal” human would think it madness to toggle the switch over to complete trust in love and inspiration, but that is … Continue reading Repost: Love’s Beginning

ACIM Readings 31-33 – A Course in Miracles – T-4.II-IV

Chapter 4: The Illusions of the EgoII. The Ego and False Autonomy "Be patient a while and remember that the outcome is as certain as God." Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash III. Love without Conflict "The Kingdom of Heaven is you." Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash IV. This Need Not Be"I … Continue reading ACIM Readings 31-33 – A Course in Miracles – T-4.II-IV

Going into ideas of resistance When you focus on peace, you go from clamping down on specifics to openness. You move your gaze from the unreal to that which is real. When you are seeing the unreal as the only thing that is, you accept thoughts about manipulating and forming the unreal into the shapes in which ego tells … Continue reading Going into ideas of resistance

Ground for the blossoming of all It seems there is a limit to clock time, and therefore a limit on what can be done through you. Clock time is a perceived limit. When thoughts of limits perceived arise in the mind, don't grab on. Allow them to float up and up and up, until they disappear. They don't have to … Continue reading Ground for the blossoming of all