Ground for the blossoming of all It seems there is a limit to clock time, and therefore a limit on what can be done through you. Clock time is a perceived limit. When thoughts of limits perceived arise in the mind, don't grab on. Allow them to float up and up and up, until they disappear. They don't have to … Continue reading Ground for the blossoming of all

Light through the eye To pass through the eye of the needle, you leave your opinions behind. You do not leave your opinions behind until you recognize those of your thoughts that are opinions. The more you recognize the only fact as Love, the more you see that any unloving thought is an opinion about what could be … Continue reading Light through the eye


Hello, Lovelies. Just wanted to let you know that my mind is under construction...or maybe deconstruction? Old patterns are being broken up, and I'm being encouraged to really attune to that frequency of peace, to not assume that I know what's coming next,to drop the sense of control. I don't know when I will be … Continue reading Update


I've just been learning from working with my lovely friend Agata that a different modality of receiving and sharing messages is Facebook Messenger. It's really fun this way because there's an opportunity for more back and forth.Today I seem to be receiving her message in four parts, so I wander away for a while and … Continue reading Messaging