En français

If you speak French, a Canadian site, Messages Célestes,  has translated some of my posts. It tickles me because the posts get so many views compared to my small audience here. Although I am not fluent, I loved studying and speaking French (or any language, actually), so I love that I now often have more … Continue reading En français

Do we need meditation?

I would like to explore something that happened yesterday. While speaking to a group, I brought through the sentence, "He doesn't need meditation," and there seemed to be tremendous reactiveness to it. Well, now that I think about it, I was sitting in a yoga studio after a lovely group meditation, so I see how … Continue reading Do we need meditation?

You are miracle workers

We invite you to openness today, into acceptance. You know what openness and acceptance feel like. You know what their seeming absence feels like. We thank you for paying attention to your feelings. We thank you for the effort to return Home whenever you realize you have substituted something else for your awareness of Home--for … Continue reading You are miracle workers

Temporary temple

We encourage you to make feeling primary, to be aware of what you feel. Once you know how you feel, what then? When you become aware of a feeling that weighs you down, you must have a remedy at hand. Otherwise, you will attempt to ease the dis-ease by blaming or lamenting the lack of … Continue reading Temporary temple

Always at Home

To really connect with your divine sibling, you must watch the tendency to want to be right. If you allow us to correct perception whenever this feeling arises, you will be choosing happiness over domination, unity over separation. Feel how the idea of being right is attached to the idea that all is not well. … Continue reading Always at Home

Mystery blogger

A wonderful reader and blogger, Joan Myles of Jewniquely Myself, has nominated Love's Beginning for a Mystery Blogger award. Thank you, Joan! Thanks also to Okoto Enigma for creating the award. ***Mystery Blogger Award – What is it? Okoto Enigma is the creator of Mystery Blogger Award. This is an award for amazing bloggers with … Continue reading Mystery blogger

Celebrate clarity

So...yeah. Time has never existed. Ego needs time to exist, so ego has never existed, either. Sometimes I interpret the energies I'm being shown in quirky ways. Today, I'm assigning this guy from Office Space to be the one to explain to me that time has never existed. https://youtu.be/kVmC0ktznNo?t=126 "So...yeah...if you could go ahead and drop all … Continue reading Celebrate clarity


For those of you who have read about my personal journey, I wanted to let you know that my mom released the body on New Year's Eve. I felt very strongly early that morning an expansive sense of joy, and it was at that moment that it seemed to me she released.  During that day, … Continue reading Update

You belong to everyone

You think of relationships as bodies together. Bodies together certainly do provide opportunities for the undoing of disturbed thought, but so does being what you would call alone. You are always united in thought and mind with all of your siblings across time and space. You're always receiving and giving. Every apparent encounter with another … Continue reading You belong to everyone