Choosing authority over tyranny

When there is a lack of peace, ego is telling a story, and you’re listening and believing. Knowing this is important. Lack of peace is caused always by a story, never by reality. Perceived conditions cannot be a reality. In truth, they are very flexible. Reality is changeless always, thus very reliable in all perceived situations.

When you recognize that you’re listening to a story, you can find one sentence of this story. You can give this sentence to Reality, to the changeless, to what you truly Are. As you do this consistently, no story of suffering can hold together. Instead, you learn to refer consistently to that which is prior to the story, and you find your gratitude for release.

The story, no matter how positive or negative, is always fictional and can never harm you. The story, no matter how relatively positive or negative, is always fictional and can never harm anyone you call other. A tragic play doesn’t harm the players, who are pretending. As you recogize that all of you are prior to story, all of the story you experience can be used to help all.

You can use a perception of a past to back up a story that ego tells, but that doesn’t make it real. When you feel stress, you are dipping into past as a reference point. Even when your stress seems to be about a future, you can only anticipate a future from a perception of the past. Here and Now, you are safe. Here and Now, you are guided.

Ego’s function is to condemn, but when you won’t listen to direct condemnation, it compares and finds specialness. The commonality among all the perceptions that ego offers is that they are all painful, even the ones that seem most satisfying and small-self-gratifying. As you notice the pain that comes from accepting one thought from ego, you notice more and more how all thoughts from ego are painful. This is discernment. Discernment isn’t about anything outer. It’s about the very thoughts you believe. You get better and better at discerning which thoughts hurt.

Why is this? Because your willingness to notice how you feel has expanded. You must first notice how you feel in order to see that you have attached to a thought from ego. lf you are employing tactics to escape how you feel, it will only delay. Eventually, you must notice in order to be free of fictional stories.

As you move through the layers of egoic thought to recognition of true and shared identity, you will discover that you have been identifying with and as suppressed rage. The rage is covered over by thoughts that one is more or less anything than another. As you believe these thoughts and give them importance, you can ignore the rage that indicates you believe the separation is real, and you believe you are the ultimate wrongdoer. But as you stop believing these surface thoughts of comparison, you begin to feel the rage.

You are safe here, as you feel this rage. Only notice one thought attached to it. One insane thought. And bring it to the light within. As you feel the rage, you understand how it was never possible that the seemingly scary things outside of you were ever real. You just projected them. And now you know how. The experience of them came from these foundational ego thoughts. Now, from here, you can be guided.

The rage is just a big, loud alarm clock. You don’t have to fear it. Big, loud alarm clocks have their use. Simply wake up and go to work. Find the thought. Recognize that the feeling of rage confirms its fictional quality. It can’t possibly be real or true. And now you can let it go. You can allow the whole mechanism for projection of suffering go. You never needed it, and it never kept you safe. It only distracted you away from your ever-present and actual safety.

You can relax when you recognize that there are gifts available for all now and you don’t have to bring any gifts into being. All that you ever needed is here, right now. You don’t have to be concerned about what forms this will take. Just stay here now, and follow the authority of the True Self of all.

When you are upset, you have made a mistake. You have followed the tyranny of the separate self. This is never a problem. Simply recognize that your feeling right now is an indicator that you have placed yourself under the tyranny of the separate self. It’s good that it is always a choice, because that means you are never stuck. Remember the authority of the true and shared Self, and find that spark of willingness that is always alive in all. Feel your willingness to allow this spark to expand, and follow from here. The reset into rest is available to you as many times as you need it.

You always have what you need, and you only need reach out to accept it. We are blessed because this is so. You and all are blessed because this is so.

6 thoughts on “Choosing authority over tyranny

      1. This has been a particularly amazing article for me, and I thank you! I have read and reread it a few times throughout the day! Very, very helpful! With deep gratitude! 🧡

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