Celebrate clarity

So...yeah. Time has never existed. Ego needs time to exist, so ego has never existed, either. Sometimes I interpret the energies I'm being shown in quirky ways. Today, I'm assigning this guy from Office Space to be the one to explain to me that time has never existed. https://youtu.be/kVmC0ktznNo?t=126 "So...yeah...if you could go ahead and drop all … Continue reading Celebrate clarity


For those of you who have read about my personal journey, I wanted to let you know that my mom released the body on New Year's Eve. I felt very strongly early that morning an expansive sense of joy, and it was at that moment that it seemed to me she released.  During that day, … Continue reading Update

You belong to everyone

You think of relationships as bodies together. Bodies together certainly do provide opportunities for the undoing of disturbed thought, but so does being what you would call alone. You are always united in thought and mind with all of your siblings across time and space. You're always receiving and giving. Every apparent encounter with another … Continue reading You belong to everyone

You are dreaming of the past

Just a friendly reminder--you are not a body. You are Love, giving yourself an experience of communicating through a particular body in a world with particular bodies. All of this is made entirely of thought. You are wholly responsible for this experience as yourSelf--the one child of the creator (meaning all the selves unified), but … Continue reading You are dreaming of the past

The peace of joy arising

Think of a defensive cry of innocence: "I didn't do anything!" This is actually true. It's not possible for you to do anything. You seem to do things. You believe you do things as an independent entity, and you believe that a separate you has control over a doing. This is part of the fantasy … Continue reading The peace of joy arising

The compass

I wanted to share krishnapriya108’s lovely poem inspired by https://lovesbeginning.com/2018/10/02/masters-remembering-mastery/ 💚

Blue Feet, Bamboo Flute

The compass of my mind has a choiceRelated image
Chaos or calm?
The compass of my heart has a choice
fear or love?
The compass of my hands have a choice
giving or hoarding?
The compass of my life has a choice
illusion or reality?

Each moment smiles
With an opportunity
A choice

Again and again I choose
love and peace
Again and again I forget
And then I am blessed again
To choose
To come back Home
To light, love and truth
A calm mind,
A loving heart
A blessed life in eternity

Inspired by post from Love’s Beginning here: https://lovesbeginning.com/2018/10/02/masters-remembering-mastery/

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama

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You will wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2…

You are getting sleeeeepy. You are getting very, very sleeeeeeepy... Just kidding. You're already hypnotized. More and more, we invite you to view your experience of the world through the lens of hypnosis. What you are seeing is the result of this hypnosis. Within this experience of hypnosis, you can ask that everything you see … Continue reading You will wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2…

This is the Great Remembering

We speak to you of transformation, how it occurs throughout the collective, how each of you is participating in it right now. Each one of you plays a distinct and specific part in the transformation of the world. All roles are harmonic. Let us say this again. All roles, without exception, are harmonic. This means … Continue reading This is the Great Remembering