This is the Great Remembering

We speak to you of transformation, how it occurs throughout the collective, how each of you is participating in it right now. Each one of you plays a distinct and specific part in the transformation of the world. All roles are harmonic. Let us say this again. All roles, without exception, are harmonic. This means … Continue reading This is the Great Remembering

Phenomenality serves healing

You are eternal. If you are eternal, then so is everyone else. That's how it works. We draw your attention back to this very basic truth. When you are focused upon what seems limited, pan the camera back to what is true. The eternal has no limits. The eternal has no conflict. Remember also that  … Continue reading Phenomenality serves healing

You are free

We invite you to act from your shared Self today. If you feel you don't know what that means or it feels like a struggle, we invite you to simply stop whenever you feel confusion or struggle during your day. Simply stop, take a breath, and affirm your intention to act from your shared Self.  … Continue reading You are free

Stretch, extend, feel ease

Stretch. Extend luxuriously like a cat, like a baby. Feel the ease and the relaxation. You are here to extend the good, the holy and the beautiful. How does that happen? Do you become worthy enough to do it? Do you work very hard to purge all impurities, and then you are worthy to do … Continue reading Stretch, extend, feel ease

Video: Seeing through categories of acceptance and rejection

Guidance on understanding our feelings of interfacing with people's categories of acceptance and rejection--seeing it as part of the healing process and understanding that we are releasing. Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

All ships navigating in perfection

We have some advice for you when you are looking at a sea of bodies. Why don't you see all ships navigating as surely as your own? Yes, that would mean you see your soul, embodied, as exquisitely guided and moving through space and time in perfection. If you can see it in yourself, you … Continue reading All ships navigating in perfection

Body 101

Hello, welcome to Body 101, where you learn to allow the body to be employed as a tool in the service of who you truly are, which is who everyone else truly is. Go ahead--think of someone who really gets to you. This is a course in allowing the body to be employed as an … Continue reading Body 101

Welcome Home

Remember when you invented time? That's a joke. The re-membering is a putting back together to realize that time never actually was or is. Time was invented by you for the use of the ego, also invented by you. Outside of the egoic experience, time is not necessary or desired. In fact, you know by … Continue reading Welcome Home

Body wisdom

Way back when, back in the good old days--we chuckle as we communicate to you about the illusion of time from beyond that illusion, and we can let you in on the joke now. As we were saying, back in those good old days, you experienced a thought. It was a thought of separation from … Continue reading Body wisdom