Practice 31 – I celebrate the gift

Today we understand that every encounter in the physical or in thought is a gift and an opportunity. It’s an appointment, and there’s no mistake.

We approach each opportunity with open-hearted willingness, and that willingness grows and grows. It is a willingness to see all who appear to be other as they truly are, and in so doing you will be able to see your Self as who you truly are. We give the gift, and we receive it back.

Begin a three-minute meditation with:
I celebrate the gift.

Sink into the light that you are, and feel all beings there with you. All are truly at Home, and this is your Home. Your Home is in the heart of everyone.

If anything arises to disturb your peace, repeat:
I celebrate the gift.

The gift is what you are, and you are allowing this realization to sink in now,

End by reminding yourself:
I celebrate the gift

Step forward into your day knowing that you are going to have many opportunities to become still and to see the gift of shared Self shining back at you from all you encounter today and always.

If anything arises to disturb your peace today, remember:
I celebrate the gift

The Oneness of us always celebrates the gift you are, and we always support you in sharing that gift through allowing loving thought to reach you today.

For further reading, see Appointment confirmation

Photo by planetMitch aunger on Unsplash

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